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Online Family Counseling
Transform your family dynamics with our online family counseling services in India. Gain self-awareness to overcome traumatic emotions. Book a session now!
Online Marriage Counseling
Marriage issues? Our online marriage counselling services in India can help. Contact our therapists at Manochikitsa for expert guidance & support.
Online Breakup Counselling & Therapy
Dealing with a painful breakup? Our online counselling & therapy services in India offer a safe space to heal & move forward. Book a session now!
Online Child Counselling
Your child's mental health matters. Our online child counselling services in India provide the support they need. Book a session now & help your child thrive.
Online LGBTQ Counselling
LGBTQ community includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer. Online LGBTQ Counselling & Therapy help to make aware of gender identity. Contact us now!
Online Counselling for Anxiety
Online Counselling for Anxiety is a source for up-to-date information and support on depression, anxiety and related conditions.
Online Stress Management Counseling
We all face various challenges and obstacles, and sometimes the pressure is difficult to handle. When we feel overwhelmed or unsure how to meet the demands placed on us, we experience stress.
Online Adult Counseling
Online Adult counseling will help an adult to create awareness about action, addressed Common Sexual Concerns, Stress, etc
Online Career Counselling
Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in our life and it is natural to be confused or tense about it. We are constantly asked a question by our relatives, parents and friends,
Online Counseling for Depression
Depression isn't just a mood—it's a medical condition. offers personalized online counseling to help.
Online Relationship Counseling
Enhance your relationship with Online Relationship Counseling at Strengthen bonds, resolve conflicts, improve communication
Online Counseling For Workplace Stress
Discover the benefits of online counseling for workplace stress, providing convenient access, personalized guidance, and coping strategies
Online Counseling For Autism
Online counseling for Autism: Unique challenges, early intervention key. personalized support, social skills training, & parental guidance.
Online Counseling for Sleep Issue
Online counseling for sleep: Personalized support, CBT-I techniques, stress management. Achieve restorative sleep for better well-being.
Online Parenting Counseling
Effective parenting: Communication, independence, emotional intelligence, diversity. Online counseling supports growth, nurtures resilience.
Online Pre-Marriage Counseling
Online Pre-Marriage Counseling: Anticipation, preparation, growth. Online counseling enhances communication, emotional readiness, & intimacy
Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Start online Online Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) By the best indian professional Clinical Psychologists for depression, stress, anxiety, ocd,
Online Counseling for Anger Management
Our Online Counseling for Anger Management program offers personalized strategies to manage and understand your emotions, all from home.
Online Counseling for Grief
Navigating grief? Our online counseling for Grief services offers a private space to cope and find emotional respite, all from home.
Online Counseling for Porn Addiction
Struggling with porn addiction? Get confidential Online Counseling for Porn Addiction to regain control, all from the privacy of your home.
Online Counseling for Social Anxiety
Struggling with social anxiety? Our Online Counseling for Social Anxiety program offers tailored solutions to help you build confidence.
Online Counseling for Loneliness
In our tech-connected world loneliness is ironically growing. We offer safe confidential Online Counseling for Loneliness to tackle this issue
Online Counseling for Self-Improvement
Our Online Counseling for Self-Improvement services offer personalized guidance for personal, professional, and emotional growth—all from home
Online Counseling for Doctors
Supporting doctors' mental and emotional health is crucial. Online Counseling for Doctors addresses the unique challenges doctors face
Spiritually Guided Online Counseling
Discover spiritual Guided online counseling for inner peace. Blend psychology & spirituality for well-being and richer relationships.
Smoking Cessation Counselling
Smoking cigarettes, bidi, or any other tobacco product is hazardous to one’s health as well as for life. Tobacco consists of nearly 7,000 chemicals out of which 69 chemicals are carcinogens, i.e. cancer-causing toxic elements
Online Psychosexual Counseling
Embark on your journey to address and overcome psychosexual issues with online counseling at Start your path toward sexual health and well-being today!
Online Counseling For ADHD
Online counseling for ADHD: Inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity. offers accessibility, privacy, and therapeutic interventions for better

Program For Aspirants

Mindfulness Program for UPSC Aspirants: Empower Your Journey
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UPSC MindMastery: Enhancing Memory & Study Skills for Prelims
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Mastering Anxiety Management: Program for UPSC Aspirants
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