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Best Online Counselling in India is a leading online counseling service, offering affordable support for mental health, career, and relationship issues. Our experienced therapists ensure a confidential and accessible environment for personal growth. Join our supportive community for effective, personalized guidance on your journey to well-being.

Online Family Counselling

Where life begins and love never ends
Online family counselling

Online anxiety Counselling

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer

Stress Management Therapy

It is not stress that kills us,
it is our reaction to it.

Online Career Counselling

It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career

Online Depression Counselling

The only thing more exhausting than being depressed is pretending that you’re not

Online Marriage Counselling

Never above you. Never below you.
Always beside you.

Manochikitsa Courses: Healing Minds, Building Connections

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Dive into Our Online Courses on Mental Health, Relationships, and Emotional Well-being. Start Your Path to Healing and Growth.

Online Counseling Mode

Connect with our therapists via chat for personalized, confidential support at your convenience.

Talk to our professional counselors over the phone for confidential support and guidance, anytime, anywhere.

Get expert guidance and support through our secure video call counseling, all from the comfort of your home.

Employee Wellness Program

Employee Wellness Program: Elevating mental well-being for individuals and organizations. Expert, tailored programs & accessible support.

Our Services

Online Marriage Counseling
Manochikitsa offers online marriage counseling in India. Expert therapists provide tailored guidance and support. Reach out for assistance with marital issues.
Online Breakup Counselling & Therapy
Dealing with a painful breakup? Our online counselling & therapy services in India offer a safe space to heal & move forward. Book a session now!
Online Child Counselling
Your child's mental health matters. Our online child counselling services in India provide the support they need. Book a session now & help your child thrive.
Online Stress Management Counseling
Challenges and obstacles are inevitable. When overwhelmed, stress ensues. Learn to manage pressure with coping strategies for a healthier balance.
Online Adult Counseling
Online adult counseling fosters awareness and addresses common sexual concerns, stress, and more, supporting individuals in navigating life's complexities.
Online Career Counselling
Selecting a career is pivotal, leading to confusion and tension. Queries from relatives, parents, and friends compound the pressure of decision-making.


Meet Psychologists

Meet our team of skilled psychologists and RCI-licensed clinical psychologists for expert and compassionate care. We are dedicated to supporting your mental health and well-being with empathy and professionalism.



Pricing Table

We have a reasonable price to assure you, we work according to the principle that the
client is the first, not the money



One Online Counselling session

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1 Session

50 Minutes session

100 % Confidential

24 x 7  Support



5 Online Counselling sessions

Talk to A Psychologist Online

5 Session

50 Minutes session

100 % Confidential

24 x 7 Support



8 Online Counselling sessions

Talk to A Psychologist Online

8 Session

50 Minutes session

100 % Confidential

24 x 7 Support

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Online Counselling for Anxiety

There are some situations in life when even a strong hearted person becomes too much anxious and fearful. It is natural to happen for a while in difficult situations, but when a person gets used to living in constant worry or fear, then later this mood can turn into a serious problem like anxiety disorder. Online Counselling enables you to learn the coping skills to deal with stressful life events effectively. 

Online Counselling for Relationship

When a romantic relationship comes to an end a highly stressful period begins, regardless of the reason for the breakup and whether you accept it or not which triggers all sorts of painful feelings. They lack the necessary coping skills required to adjust to the new scenario. The breakup starts impacting their occupational, social and personal life. The online counselling process helps you to go through the grieving process as soon as possible and begin to in towards the direction of a better future.

Online Counselling for LGBTQ+

LGBTQ community includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. Being a person labelled as LGBTQ community is an issue in itself, they also have the fundamental rights to live like normal people happily but in day-to-day living they face challenges that need to address. Online Counselling helps them to make aware of their own gender identity and sexual orientation as well as tell them how to manage and cope up with this situation


Consult Best Online Counselling In All Indian Languages

We have a reasonable price to assure you, we work according to the principle that the
customer is the first, not the money
Online Counselling in Punjabi

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Online Counselling in Hindi

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Online Counselling in Malayalam

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About Manochikitsa

Manochikitsa is a Best Online Counselling website in India focusing on people with Mental, Emotional & Career related issues. Dealing with Psychological problems, Relationship Issues, and Emotional Conflicts can be extremely difficult and painful. We understand that not everyone is the same and that a comprehensive diagnosis and flexible solution is important to a successful recovery.

We provide Best Online Counseling and Therapy for Anxiety, Stress, depression, exam and work anxiety, mood swings, career, and marriage issues, occupational issues, relationship problems, child care and effective parenting, sleep problems, sexual problems associated with psychological conditions, LGBTQ community counseling, Insight development, counseling of Autistic and dyslexic children and their caregivers.

Our vision is to provide affordable, professional, and highly effective Online Counseling services to a wide range of clients that cuts across different divides.

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Top Online Counselling in India

Online Counselling Session Only at @499

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  • RCI Certified and Experienced Best Clinical Psychologists
  • Choose and Connect with a Therapist as Per Your Choice
  • Talk to a therapist online as per your preferred date and time
  • Consult the Best Psychologists in your preferred language
  • Speak to the best psychologist in India via chat, phone, or video call.
  • Best Online Counselling Platform India
  • Best Online Psychologists in India
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  • Best Online Counselling India
  • Popular Question

    We have answers to common questions people ask

    Online counselling is the modern form of proving counselling services to the client through the online medium rather than a physical or face-to-face one. Online counselling is a type of counselling where the client and counsellor speak on the telephone or video call, rather than meeting in person. It would typically involve all aspects of psychotherapy except that it would be offered using phone Call or video call.

    Online counseling provides benefits of affordability, comfort, and accessibility over the physical model.

    Guidance is a process of helping people make important choices that affect their lives, such as choosing healthy habits, the things to look in your partner, how individuals can focus more on their work and life whereas in online counselling counsellors will try to bring the change or insight within the people to overcome the issues that they face. One major distinction between guidance and counselling is that guidance focuses on helping individuals choose what they value most, whereas counselling focuses on helping them make changes.

    Online Counseling facilitates self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and development, and the optimal development of the individual. It gives you the means to understand yourself, understand your feelings, and make yourself aware. It helps you to modify or replace irrational beliefs or maladaptive thought patterns associated with self-destructive behavior.

    Yes, Online Counseling and therapies have shown effectiveness for the less severe mental health issues or you need to have counseling regarding your day-to-day challenges and conflicts.

    Online counseling and therapy are not very much effective in problems like schizophrenia, neurocognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s, somatoform disorders, and the types of issues that have gone beyond the level of control of counselor’s and need critical examination and rehabilitation but it’s effective for stress, depression, exam and work anxiety, mood swings, career and marriage issues, relationship problems, child care and effective parenting and issues that can be tackled via online mode.

    Depending on the Mode of the online counseling session, it can range from Rs 399 to 499 per session. For Phone Call Session and  Video Call session it is 499 Per Hour.


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