Best Online Marriage Counseling in India.

Best Online Marriage Counseling in India.

Online Marriage Counseling

Getting The Love You Want

Marriage is a union between two people usually between a man and a woman and it is a legal and social tie where both individuals follow certain laws customs and also maintain specific attitudes and beliefs.

 It’s quite surprising that many of us have a strong belief or faith that ‘marriages are made in heaven ‘which means that you never going to predict who will marry whom.

that’s why in different cultures people have different kind of matchmaking processes such as in India the orthodox families still believe in horoscope (kundali) matching, they focus on status caste religion and include many traits during the matchmaking process. 

In a love marriage, you also focus on a similar attitude from your partner, satisfaction of interpersonal needs, and living with growth.

Here we would like to put some interesting questions if all the marriages are made in heaven then:

Why marriages ends with divorce? 

Why people who spend so much time together separate from each other? 

Does god make mistakes in matchmakings or there is something else that leads to separation?

The probable answer of above-raised questions may be that although marriages are made in heaven but its conducted between the human within the social and cultural systems, if you talk about broad categories of marriages then they are love marriages and arrange marriages. People face various personal and social issues in both the type of marriages. 

It has been observed that people possess some kind of fear, stress and expectations from their marriages, to overcome the issues in marriage and of marriages, people try to seek advice from experts especially marriage counsellors or couple therapists by entering into marriage counselling.

What Is Marriage Counseling ?

Marriage counselling is a type of short term psychotherapy or psychoeducation for a married couple or people who wish to marry for resolving interpersonal conflicts, developing interpersonal understanding and needs of the partner. 

In the majority of cases, two individuals attend counselling sessions to resolve specific interpersonal issues but in other cases such as premarital counselling, only one person goes into the process of counselling.  

You will glad to know that in recent time marriage counselling focuses on three entities that are considered in such relationships: two individuals and one couple.

Marriage counsellors work at three levels or provide counselling in three different stages

1. Premarital counselling

2. Marriage Adaptation counselling

3. Postmarital counselling 

Marriage counsellors are licenced experts who ask questions about the roles of couples their expectations from each other’s, their beliefs, rules, individual and interpersonal goals, good and bad aspects of the relationship after this counsellor will start the process of counselling.

How Marriage Counseling Can Help You?

Benefits Of Marriage Counseling?

  • Marriage counselling will help you to strengthen your relationship by understanding the couple goals, growth and individual freedom within the relationship.
  • Marriage counselling can help you in resolving the personal and interpersonal issues within the relationship.
  • Marriage Counseling helps couple to improve the communication levels between them, thus decreasing the number of conflicts and arguments.
  • Marriage Counseling can also support you in overcoming fear, stress, depression or any kind of psychological and social problems.
  • Marriage Counselling helps in improving the emotional and physical intimacy between the couples.
  • Marriage counsellors can also tell you that when you need to separate yourself from a relationship where you are not being valued and given the respect which you deserve or when you have to fall out from a toxic relationship.
  • Marriage counsellors can act as a fruitful catalyst within your marriage system like an expert and save your relationship from divorce.
  • How Does Online Marriage Counseling Work?

    Process Of Marriage Counseling

    The process of marriage or couple counselling includes three stages:

    1st Stage: in first one or you call it initial sessions, before selecting any therapeutic or suggestive technique marriage counsellors to establish rapport with each person attending and the couple, counsellors develop a bond of trust, a working relationship which you can call therapeutic alliance, counsellors discusses the good and bad aspects of relationships, issues that both couples are facing and how they can move towards the next phase in which they work with a therapeutic strategy.

    2nd Stage: In the middle phase, counsellors try to bring out the superficial changes likes changing rules, roles, and goals of relationship which we call first-order change. In second-order change, counsellors try to change the beliefs, attitude, develop understanding and insights. 

    3rd Stage: In the last stage or terminating, phase counsellors develop future aspects of relationships and finish the sessions. The most common techniques used in marriage counselling are 

    1.Rational emotive behavioural therapy 2. Reality therapy 3. Role plays 4. Psychodynamic therapy 5. Reflective listening 6. Self-disclosure techniques 7. Communication counselling 8. Imago relationship therapy 9. Solution-focused coping  10. Expressive art therapies.  11. Insight therapies 12. Couple therapies

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    Counsellors use different modes of conducting the online counselling sessions depending upon clients feasibility which includes phone call, chat and video call counseling


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    All marriage counselors are professionally qualified and fully accredited who have also undertaken additional, specialist training in online marriage counseling.


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    Techniques Used In Marriage Counselling

    Couple Therapies

    Reality Therapy

    Insight Therapies

    Self-Disclosure Techniques

    Reflective Listening

    Family Therapy

    Solution-Focused Coping

    Reality Therapy