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Once a child starts interacting out of the home he may face many issues which can be related to his school, friends, teachers or even certain issues that could be caused by the home atmosphere. In this situation, a child can feel frustrated or stressed. Initially, you can the child may find it difficult to perform according to their capacity. They may feel fearful or they may try to avoid socialization etc. There a child can seek attention from expecting such as child counsellors. Child counselling is a psychological intervention that helps children in different aspects such as mental illness and multiple behavioural aspects. Here a therapist support teens or adolescences who are facing some trauma, Non – friendly home atmosphere or anything.

"Your Children Are Not Your Children, They Come Through You, But They Are Life Itself, Wanting To Express Itself."

Issues Addressed In Child Counselling

  • Try to find out the core of the problems or trauma.
  • Help a child to express what they are feeling and try to relate with their action.
  • Behavioural problems, Inattention & Hyperactivity
  • Bullying issues.
  • Persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness;
  • Issues in educational aspects, Academic Concerns or Learning Difficulties
  • Anxiety and anger management
  • Repetitively performing rituals like hand-washing
  • Any issues which can cause any kind of social or emotional distress to a child will be addressed in the session.
  • Difficulty adjusting to social situations
  • How Child Counselling Can Help Your Child?

    Benefits Of Child Counselling

  • The child will get a platform to express and understand their feelings.
  • With the help of professionals, they can help a child to improve their academic performance.
  • They can motivate a child to focus on their interest and career.
  • Child Counselling may help to improve behavioural issues.
  • Child Counselling will save a child from chronic mental illness.
  • Strengthens Parent-child Relationship
  • It will help them to be more self-confident.
  • It will Help to improve the child’s communication skills.
  • Become more responsible for behaviours and Learn new social skills
  • Process Of Child Counselling

    Nitial parents or teachers have to find out, is a child require counselling? if yes then they need to talk about this with the child. once you have discussed with the child and with his willingness you can consult a child counsellor.

    The counsellor will make a rapport with the child and make him comfortable. certain techniques of therapy could be used based on the discussed issues and slowly- slowly a counsellor can help a child to learn coping strategies.

    Children are very sensitive and very innocent. as parents, we always should be very careful about our children each activity. even it’s our responsibilities to teach them each and everything and support them when they need to but this is also true that nowadays a parent wants to give a good nurturing with all the luxury to the child for that both the parent work very hard in that sometimes they forget that, in the growing age a child needs parents time too.

    So if you are a parent please spend some time with your children and try to understand their requirement. if you feel still they need some extra support please feel free to consult a professional.

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    Techniques Used In Child Counselling

    Play Therapy

    Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

    Family Therapy

    Talk Therapy

    Parent-Child Therapy

    Applied Behavior Analysis


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