Dr. Madhumati Singh - Counseling Psychologist & Relationship Expert

Dr. Madhumati Singh

Dr. Madhumati Singh

Position: Counseling Psychologist

Categories: Therapy and Counselling

Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Location: Noida

Dr. Madhumati Singh Profile

I’m a practicing psychologist in Wholistic Psychotherapy in Delhi for last 30 years. My work experience covers a wide spectrum of clinical psychology, relationship counseling deaddiction, school counseling, college counseling and OB and training and development in the Corporate world.

I have worked for street children, LGBTQ sensitive and aware and currently doing research on Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Dr. Madhumati Singh Skills

  • Mental Health
  • Career
  • Addiction
  • Body Image Concerns
  • Eating Disorders
  • time management
  • Marriage Family And Relationship Issues
  •  Anger Management
  • Child Counseling
  • Grief & Loss
  • Personal Growth
  • Sexual Disorders
  • trauma
  • Social anxiety
  • Training + Education

  • Ph.D From Institute of Alternative Medicine and Research, Kolkata in 2003
  • MA Psychology From Rajasthan University Jaipur in 1987
  • One Year Diploma in Naturopathy From Nature Cure Institute, Nasik in 1999-2000
  • One Year Diploma in Homeopathy From Mavelil Homeo Mission, Trivandrum in 1998-99
  • Advanced Diploma in HRD From Institute of Health Care Administration, Chennai in 1996-97
  • One year, Diploma in Educational, Vocational Counseling and Guidance From N.C.E.R.T New Delhi in 1989-90
  • Experience

  • Worked as Psychologist in Samvedna Psychiatric Klinik, S 325, G.KII New Delhi From May 1991- July 2013
  • Working as a School Counselor In Presentation Convent Sr.Sec School
  • Worked as Lecture of Psychology in Gargi College, D.U in 1992
  • Worked as Psychologist in Salaam Baalak Trust NGO, New Delhi From 2002-2003
  • Skills


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
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    Manochikitsa Online Counseling & Therapy
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     17 reviews
     by Nishant

    Her career counseling was just what I needed. She listened patiently and cleared all my doubts. Her expert guidance helped me discover my strengths and choose the right path. Feeling confident and focused now. Thank you, Dr. Madhumati Mam.

     by Girija soni

    I love her, she's awesome, I'm sure she will help me be the best version of myself

     by Parth Aggarwal

    Dr. Madhumati Singh gives hope to anyone struggling with social anxiety. In just five sessions, she transformed my life. Her compassionate approach and insightful techniques helped me confront my fears and break free from the grip of anxiety. Madhumati Ma’am’s dedication and support made each session feel like a step towards liberation. I am forever grateful for her guidance and would recommend her to anyone seeking relief from social anxiety.

     by Vritika Sareen

    Biggest thanks goes to Dr. Madhumati Singh who has taught me how to fight what tries to control you, overwhelm you. She has given her basic lessons to me so that I could come back stronger than ever. Words aren’t enough to actually describe her. She is the best mental health expert who comes highly recommended. If you need online counselling for your mental health concerns, do surely connect with her.

     by Gurdeep Chhabra

    It seemed awkward to me when I came to know that my fear of being social wasn’t normal. Dr. Madhumati told me about social anxiety as I was diagnosed with it. I was already nervous about the signs that indicated that I had some kind of fear around so many people. I had no idea about it. When I saw my condition and started knowing my weak points and fear, I found everything strange and beyond my understanding. I had online counselling sessions with Madhumati mam and learnt more things about me accurately. She also succeeded in fading my social anxiety. She is the reason that I can deal with my issues. I have overcome social anxiety issues and am still working on it. If I’ll need her help again, I know she is with me, just right next to me.

     by Monika Bisht

    Dr. Madhumati Singh is a counselling psychologist from Manochikitsa and I am very much influenced by her. She was the one who conducted my counselling sessions and helped me to overcome my anxiety issues. I was suffering from anxiety because of my family's issues but I was happy to have her at that time. She literally guided me and helped me to fix all the Issues as no one else could ever do. The Belief I had in counselling has now become firm. This was the first time I talked to a psychologist but it has really been great. She fixed up all my issues perfectly and showed me the way to happiness. She is the best psychologist and I would definitely like to recommend her for online counselling.

     by Neha Chaudhary

    I thank Manochikitsa so much for providing its emotional support to me. I really needed guidance from an expert that came in the form of Dr. Madhumati Singh in the critical time. She is an experienced counselling psychologist. I am thankful for the quick help provided by Manochikitsa. My psychologist handled my case very carefully when she found that I was depressed. I cried when I told her my break up story but she managed the situation very well from the start and healed me. All the video call sessions were amazing with her and I was watching myself growing during the counselling process. I will never forget the favor she did to me. I would suggest this economical platform for online counselling to you if you are going through any kind of mental health issues.

     by Jai Sharma

    I am sharing the things that happened to me when I was connected with Manochikitsa. To be very honest this online website for counselling is very amazing and effective. I was going through some issues related to business. That was the time when I became a short-tempered man and I felt aggressive over little things. I was really passing through a rough phase where my own people were away from me because of my uncontrolled anger. For more than 2 months, I had been experiencing such things. I was also stressed over the situation that was happening with me but I thank Dr. Madhumati Singh who took my counselling for anger management. She taught me the ways to cope with the situation. Because of her assistance, I have become successful in controlling my aggressive nature. I am glad that I was assigned to her.
    People who express anger and want to control it can take counselling from her. I highly recommend her and along with this, I must say that Manochikitsa is the best place for online counselling services.

     by Vishal Dubey

    Recently I ended my relationship with my girlfriend for some personal reasons but the story did not end there because after that the present sorrow and grief put me into depression. I did not know how to overcome that but what seemed right at that time was the need of a counselor. I searched and got the hint of Manochikitsa where I started my counselling sessions with a senior psychologist named Dr. Madhumati Singh. She is the best one. I have attended only 3 sessions with her and I am feeling better than before. I am left with more to continue. I actually feel her genuine nature and the positive aura she carries with her. I eagerly wait to meet her over video call. I am making great progress with her. Finally, I want to say that she is the best psychologist. If you are looking for the best one then connect her via Manochikitsa.

     by Sonika Rai

    Many people ask whether online counselling works or not. My answer to all of them is "yes it works and works perfectly”. I have tried an online website once, Manochikitsa. This platform Manochikitsa is highly recommended and the psychologist Dr. Madhumati Singh as well. I took my counselling sessions from her when I was stressed over my failures in my life. I was always stressed and always lost in my thoughts. I was assisted by my psychologist, Madhumati mam very carefully. She did never ask me to settle with my own battles but she taught me the skills to fight with all of them. I am glad that now I am no longer stressed like before. She is really a great psychologist. I have turned into a new personality now and for this change, I thank her so much.

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