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Let’s talk openly about mental health

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Your Mental Health. Mental disorders, like physical disorders, do not define who you are. But the truth is many people still live in silence and feel isolated. Talking openly about the mental health problems provides an opportunity where people can honestly discuss their struggles and making it more acceptable for those suffering from mental illnesses to seek help, learn to cope, and get on the road to recovery.

The more people who raise their hands, the less fear someone else will have to admit they need help. We remove the shame and stigma. Let’s Share Our Stories & Inspire Each Other.

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Story Submission Guidelines

  • Please make sure the story you’re submitting is original. You are the expert. Be yourself.
  • The focus of the story should be to inform or inspire the people through your journey.
  • You can share your story in Hindi or English.
  • Please make a concerted effort to use correct spelling and grammar.