Mastering Anxiety Management: Program for UPSC Aspirants

1st October


7 P.M.


Managing Anxiety for UPSC Aspirants: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Program Overview

The path to the UPSC examination is demanding and can lead many aspirants to the verge of burnout. However, with the right tools and guidance, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities for personal and academic growth. Our comprehensive program is tailored to provide holistic support and strategic learning for UPSC aspirants.

Mastering Anxiety Management

Understanding the Roots of Anxiety

Every UPSC aspirant faces multifaceted challenges:
  • Broad Syllabus: With a vast scope to cover, many feel overwhelmed.
  • Peer Pressure: Comparing one’s progress to others can lead to self-doubt.
  • High Expectations: Personal and societal pressures can burden aspirants.
  • Uncertain Future: The unpredictability of results causes concern.
  • Concerns over potential career paths post results.
  • Consequences of Unaddressed Anxiety

    Unchecked anxiety can result in:
  • Physical Health: Sleep disturbances, frequent illness, fatigue, and headaches.
  • Mental Well-being: Negative self-talk, decreased confidence, feelings of inadequacy.
  • Study Patterns: Procrastination, inability to concentrate, inefficient study habits.
  • Social Life: Isolation, irritability, and strained personal relationships.
  • Program Highlights

    Through our holistic and structured sessions, we ensure that aspirants are equipped with the necessary tools to handle anxiety:
  • Understanding the Issue: Through interactive discussions, we delve deep into what anxiety really is and how it particularly manifests in UPSC aspirants.
  • Practical Techniques: From mindfulness and meditation to cognitive-behavioral techniques, our aspirants learn tangible skills to manage and reduce stress.
  • Real-world Simulation: Exposure therapy through simulated exams helps aspirants face their fears in a controlled environment, enabling them to handle the actual exams with greater confidence.
  • Physical Wellness: Stress-relieving exercises, dietary advice, and the importance of sleep are emphasized, ensuring aspirants understand the deep connection between the body and mind.
  • Support & Motivation: With peer support, and motivational talks from professional counselors, aspirants never feel alone in their journey.
  • Continuous Resources: Post the group sessions, participants are provided with resources and tools for continuous support, ensuring their well-being even after the program concludes
  • Why Choose Our Program?

  • Expert Guidance: Collaborate with professionals, from therapists to UPSC experts.
  • Personalized Attention: Small batch sizes ensure individual attention.
  • Continuous Feedback: Regular feedback and refinement opportunities.
  • Affordable Investment: Reasonably priced with flexible payment options.
  • Your Mental Resilience Mentor

    Dr. Sahebjeet Kaur

    Dr. Sahebjeet Kaur (Psy. D.), is a RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist, life skills trainer and a clinical Hypnotherapist. She believes in therapy being a time bound, goal directed process. She works towards creating a non-judgmental, unconditional safe space in order to make the process of therapy most effective for the clients. She takes an eclectic approach towards therapy, techniques being tailor-made to the clients requirements. She has 6000+ hours of clinical exposure. She is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi.

    She specializes in all clinical/ psychiatric issues. She can help with stress, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, OCD, substance use, interpersonal problems along with other psychological, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

    With a deep passion for promoting emotional well-being, I am a dedicated mental health professional with a diverse background spanning clinical psychology, research, and counseling. I have successfully assisted numerous individuals in managing issues ranging from stress, depression, and trauma to relationship challenges and neurodevelopmental disorders. My holistic approach prioritizes not only symptom treatment but also guiding individuals towards meaningful and enriching lives. My empathetic and active listening skills foster a safe and non-judgmental space for clients. Proficient in various therapeutic techniques, I offer a tailored approach to meet unique needs. Additionally, I prioritize personal well-being through hobbies like yoga, meditation, and art.

    Vandita Sharma

    Dr. Gunjan Tiwari

    Dr. Gunjan Tiwari, a registered psychologist with 25 years of experience in Counseling and Psychotherapy, also holds 12 years of expertise as a psychoanalyst. Her practice includes the renowned Freudian technique of psychoanalysis, delving deep into the unconscious to understand and relieve psychological symptoms. Dr. Tiwari is affiliated with prestigious organizations such as the Indian Psychoanalytic Society and the International Psychoanalytical Association. Her work extends to children, adolescents, and young adults, addressing issues like aggression, depression, stress, and more. She’s a pioneer in individualized Aptitude testing and Career Counselling, and her specialization includes emotional healing, relationship mending, mental health improvement, and holistic life coaching for happiness.

    Program At A Glance:

    Duration: 8 weeks (2 Sessions Per Week)

    Total Sessions: 16 interactive sessions

    Per Session: 1.5 enriching hours

    Cohort Size: Intimate groups of 20-25 participants for personalized attention

    Take the Next Step:

    Don’t let anxiety overshadow your dreams. Enroll in our program and harness your full potential. Seats are limited, ensuring the quality of interaction and learning. Register now and take a proactive step towards a balanced UPSC preparation journey. Transform anxiety into aspiration with us!


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    Check Your Stress Levels: A Tool for UPSC Aspirants

    The “Stress Level Measurement for UPSC Students” test is designed to assess the level of stress experienced by students who are preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams in India. The UPSC exams are known for their highly competitive nature and comprehensive syllabus, often leading to varying levels of stress among aspirants

    FAQs: Holistic Anxiety Management for UPSC Aspirants

    The program is designed to equip UPSC aspirants with tools and techniques that will help manage anxiety and stress related to their preparations, combining academic strategies with emotional well-being practices.

    The program spans over 8 weeks with a total of 16 interactive sessions.

    To ensure personalized attention and quality interaction, we restrict our batches to 20-25 participants.

    Not at all! The program is structured to cater to both beginners and those with some prior experience. Our experts guide you through every step.

    Absolutely! While the program is tailored for UPSC aspirants, the techniques and discussions around managing anxiety and stress are universally applicable. Everyone is welcome!

    Refunds can be initiated up to 1 day before the program starts. Once the program commences, refunds cannot be processed. Please ensure you’re committed to the duration of the program before enrolling.

    No specific prerequisites are required. However, once enrolled, we may occasionally suggest reading materials or tools that can enhance your experience.

    For any support or queries, you can chat with our WhatsApp support at +91 70655 22196 or call us at +91 80762 99405. We’re here to help you with all your program-related needs.

    The program is designed for continuous feedback and interaction. Regular check-ins and discussions will help gauge your progress and tailor the approach accordingly.

    We hope these FAQs address your initial queries. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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    Manochikitsa Online Counseling & Therapy
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     9 reviews
     by Sneha Mishra

    Anxiety was a constant companion in my UPSC journey until I enrolled in Manochikitsa's "Mastering Anxiety Management" program. Their expert psychologist taught me life-changing techniques to combat stress. The real-world simulation was a game-changer, and the emphasis on physical wellness was enlightening. This program doesn't just address issues, it provides a comprehensive solution for UPSC aspirants. I'm now anxiety-free and ready to tackle the exams with confidence!

     by Rohan Dua

    I had my doubts before joining the "Mastering Anxiety Management" program by Manochikitsa, as I'd already been part of their previous program. However, this program exceeded my expectations. The expert psychologist's guidance and practical techniques transformed my approach to handling anxiety during UPSC preparations. The program's focus on physical wellness, peer support, and continuous resources made a world of difference. It's a must for any UPSC aspirant seeking to conquer their anxiety.

     by Nisha Mehra

    As a previous participant in Manochikitsa's program for UPSC aspirants, I was eager to join their "Mastering Anxiety Management" program. It proved to be a transformative experience. The expert psychologist's tips and techniques were a game-changer for my anxiety issues. The real-world simulations prepared me for the actual exams, and the program's holistic approach to physical wellness made a significant impact. With their support, I've shifted from stress to success in my UPSC journey.

     by Aaditya Tyagi

    Manochikitsa's "Mastering Anxiety Management" program is the ultimate anxiety buster for UPSC aspirants. I joined after hearing positive reviews from fellow aspirants, and it didn't disappoint. The expert psychologist's guidance and practical techniques were incredibly effective. The real-world simulation gave me the confidence I needed, and the focus on physical wellness was a bonus. The program's continuous resources ensure you're never alone in your journey. If you're battling UPSC anxiety, this program is your solution.

     by Akshay Singh

    Manochikitsa's "Mastering Anxiety Management" program is the support every UPSC aspirant needs. Having struggled with anxiety during my preparations, I can confidently say this program is a lifesaver. The expert psychologist's guidance is invaluable, and the practical techniques are easy to incorporate into daily life. Real-world simulations build confidence, and the focus on physical wellness is refreshing. With the added support of peer groups and continuous resources, this program ensures you're well-prepared, mentally and emotionally, for the UPSC journey. Highly recommended!

     by Sameer

    Manochikitsa's "Mastering Anxiety Management" is the UPSC anxiety solution. The expert psychologist's insights are invaluable. Realistic exams boost self-assurance, and wellness tips are spot-on. A must-join program!

     by Nisha Yadav

    Manochikitsa's "Mastering Anxiety Management" works like magic for UPSC anxiety. The expert psychologist's tips are a game-changer. Simulated exams build confidence, and the holistic approach to wellness is brilliant. A must for anxious aspirants!

     by Rajiv Chauhan

    Manochikitsa's "Mastering Anxiety Management" is a UPSC aspirant's dream come true. The expert psychologist's wisdom and techniques are gold. Real-world simulations boost confidence, and physical wellness tips are a bonus. With peer support and ongoing resources, this program is a stress-busting bliss!

     by Priya Sharma

    I had previously enrolled in the Manochikitsa program for UPSC aspirants and was thrilled when they introduced the "Mastering Anxiety Management" program. As someone who struggled with anxiety throughout my UPSC journey, this program was a game-changer.

    The expert psychologist provided invaluable tips and techniques that helped me conquer my anxiety. From mindfulness to simulated exams, every session was thoughtfully designed. The program not only addressed the issues UPSC aspirants face but also offered support and motivation.

    I can't recommend this program enough. It's a lifeline for anyone preparing for UPSC. Thank you, Manochikitsa!