UPSC MindMastery: Enhancing Memory & Study Skills for Prelims

1st October


7 P.M.


MindMastery for UPSC: Boost Memory & Supercharge Study Skills for the Preliminary Exam

Unlock Your Full Potential With Our Science-Backed UPSC Preparation Program

Have you ever found yourself buried under a mountain of study materials, desperately trying to memorize facts, dates, and formulas? Do you find that no matter how many hours you pour into your preparation, you can’t seem to get the edge that makes you confident about the UPSC Preliminary Examination? You’re not alone. Year after year, millions of aspirants feel overwhelmed by the formidable nature of the UPSC exams.

Mastering Anxiety Management

Why Choose MindMastery for UPSC?

A revolution in exam preparation techniques designed to catapult you into the ranks of those who don’t just pass but excel in their UPSC Preliminary Exams. Unlike traditional coaching methods that focus solely on content, our program employs a holistic approach. We combine scientifically-proven memory enhancement techniques, state-of-the-art study skills, and psychological strategies to empower you to conquer the UPSC Prelims.

UPSC and Mindfulness

Why is this Different?

UPSC after marriage

Many exam preparation courses give you a fish, teaching you quick hacks to solve particular types of questions. We teach you how to fish. This program is carefully curated to instill in you the skills and mindsets that are applicable not just for UPSC, but for a lifetime of effective learning and decision-making.

Who is this For?

Whether you are a working professional juggling job responsibilities with study hours, or a full-time aspirant focused solely on the UPSC Preliminary Exam, this program is designed for you. MindMastery for UPSC is perfect for anyone committed to transforming their study patterns, improving memory retention, and supercharging their exam skills.

UPSC Aspirants

A Journey, Not Just a Course

The UPSC journey is grueling but incredibly rewarding, and it’s a path that’s best not walked alone. Our program is more than just a course; it’s a community. A partnership between you and us, fortified with expert-led sessions, community support, and personalized assessments.

So, are you ready to revolutionize the way you prepare for one of the most prestigious and challenging exams in the country? Are you ready to unlock your full potential and join the league of UPSC achievers?

Program Aim & Objectives

Boost Memory, Sharpen Skills, and Supercharge Your UPSC Preparation

1. Improve Memory Retention:

By leveraging cutting-edge techniques from cognitive psychology and neuroscience, we teach you how to encode, store, and retrieve data more effectively. This is particularly advantageous for managing the enormous syllabus of the UPSC Preliminary Examination.

2. Better Time Management:

Our approach leans heavily on research in productivity and organizational psychology. We guide you to allocate your study time more optimally, teaching you to set feasible goals, prioritize tasks, and minimize distractions.

3. Effective Exam Preparation:

We don’t just throw a lot of materials at you; we provide a carefully-crafted strategic roadmap for your UPSC preparation that harmonizes both content-driven and skill-based methods. This way, you learn not just what to study but how to study.


1. Interactive Classes:

Our sessions are far from your typical lectures. They are engaging, led by trained therapists and subject matter experts. They provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and its practical application.

2. Assessment & Feedback:

We conduct periodic assessments and one-on-one feedback sessions to gauge your individual progress. This helps us tailor the program for you, highlighting areas where you can improve.

3. Supplementary Resources:

We enrich your study experience with a vast array of supplementary materials including workbooks, video lectures, and scientific papers. These resources provide you with varied angles of learning and extended practice opportunities.

4. Community Support:

You don’t have to go it alone. Our dedicated forum and peer group sessions are designed to facilitate collaborative learning and emotional support.

5. Hands-On Practice:

Learning is not just theoretical. We believe in “learning by doing.” Our practical exercises and real-world applications ensure that whatever you learn is immediately actionable.

Program Modules

Your 8-Week Journey to UPSC Mastery

Week 1: Introduction & Mindset Development
Class 1: Introduction to the Program & Initial Assessment
  • What to Expect: This session is your orientation day. You’ll get a comprehensive walkthrough of the program, meet your instructors, and learn how to navigate through the plethora of resources at your disposal.
  • Why It’s Important: Setting the right tone from the start is crucial. By undergoing an initial assessment, we’ll customize the program to better suit your needs.
  • Class 2: The Power of Mindset in Study and Exam Success
  • What to Expect: Dive into the psychology of successful studying. Discover the difference between a fixed and growth mindset and how your mindset can influence your performance.
  • Why It’s Important: Understanding that intelligence and skill can be developed is the cornerstone of effective learning.
  • Week 2: Basic Memory Techniques

    Class 3: Introduction to Memory Basics

    What to Expect: Unlock the secrets of your brain. Learn the science behind memory and how it functions.

    Why It’s Important: A foundational understanding of memory will be your stepping stone to mastering advanced techniques.

    Class 4: Chunking and Association Techniques

    What to Expect: You’ll learn practical techniques to break down complex information into digestible chunks, making it easier to remember.

    Why It’s Important: This skill is invaluable for assimilating the broad spectrum of topics covered in the UPSC exams.

    Week 3: Advanced Memory Techniques
    Class 5: Introduction to Advanced Memory Skills
  • What to Expect: Step up your memory game with advanced methods that can drastically improve your retention.
  • Why It’s Important: Being good at memorization isn’t enough; you have to be great at it.
  • Class 6: The Method of Loci & The Peg System
  • What to Expect: Learn to create ‘Memory Palaces’ and other fascinating techniques that are used by memory champions around the world.
  • Why It’s Important: These are powerful tools that can give you the edge in any exam.
  • Week 4: Time Management Skills
    Class 7: Introduction to Time Management & Prioritization
  • What to Expect: Get hands-on experience using time management tools and learn to prioritize tasks effectively.
  •  Why It’s Important: Time is of the essence, especially when preparing for an exam as comprehensive as the UPSC Prelims.
  • Class 8: Pomodoro Technique and Time Blocks for Effective Studying
  • What to Expect: Discover how short bursts of focused studying can yield better results.
  • Why It’s Important: Sustaining long hours of focus is hard. Learning to break it down into manageable blocks will help you maintain high levels of productivity.
  • Week 5: Active Study Strategies
    Class 9: Introduction to Active Study
  • What to Expect: Move beyond passive reading and note-taking. Explore strategies to engage actively with your study materials.
  • Why It’s Important: Active engagement leads to better comprehension and retention of information.
  • Class 10: SQ3R Method & Cornell Note-taking System
  • What to Expect: Learn to read with a purpose using the SQ3R method and take notes that actually help you remember and understand.
  • Why It’s Important: Effective note-taking is an art that can save you hours of revision time.
  • Week 6: Critical Thinking & Information Analysis
    Class 11: Introduction to Critical Thinking Skills
  • What to Expect: Delve into the elements of logical reasoning and critical thinking.
  • Why It’s Important: UPSC exams aren’t just a test of knowledge but also a test of your reasoning and decision-making capabilities.
  • Class 12: Logical Reasoning & Evaluating Sources and Arguments
  • What to Expect: Learn how to discern good information from bad and how to dissect arguments effectively.
  • Why It’s Important: In an age of information overload, this skill is a must-have.
  • Week 7: Stress Management & Emotional Regulation
    Class 13: Introduction to Stress Management
  • What to Expect: Get introduced to various techniques to keep your stress in check.
  • Why It’s Important: Your emotional well-being is just as crucial for success as your academic preparation.
  • Class 14: Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Techniques
  • What to Expect: Participate in guided mindfulness exercises and learn how to regulate your emotions.
  • Why It’s Important: Being in control of your emotions can significantly impact your study efficiency and exam performance.
  • Week 8: Final Assessments & Future Planning
    Class 15: Final Assessments & Review
  • What to Expect: Take stock of how far you’ve come with a final assessment designed to measure your improvement.
  • Why It’s Important: Understanding your growth areas will help you focus your future preparation.
  • Class 16: Planning Ahead: Study Plans for UPSC Prelims and Beyond
  • What to Expect: Create a concrete plan for your UPSC Prelims and discuss future steps.
  • Why It’s Important: Having a well-thought-out plan increases your chances of success exponentially.
  • Unique Features

    Holistic Wellness

    Emotional and psychological well-being are critical components of effective learning and test performance. We ensure that your mind stays as healthy as your study regime.

    Evidence-Based Approaches

    No gimmicks. Every strategy we teach is grounded in scientific studies and proven psychological principles.

    Flexible Learning Environment

    You can participate in live sessions and also access recorded versions of these classes, making it easy to learn at your own pace.

    Your Mental Resilience Mentor

    Dr. Sahebjeet Kaur

    Dr. Sahebjeet Kaur (Psy. D.), is a RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist, life skills trainer and a clinical Hypnotherapist. She believes in therapy being a time bound, goal directed process. She works towards creating a non-judgmental, unconditional safe space in order to make the process of therapy most effective for the clients. She takes an eclectic approach towards therapy, techniques being tailor-made to the clients requirements. She has 6000+ hours of clinical exposure. She is fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi.

    She specializes in all clinical/ psychiatric issues. She can help with stress, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, OCD, substance use, interpersonal problems along with other psychological, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

    With a deep passion for promoting emotional well-being, I am a dedicated mental health professional with a diverse background spanning clinical psychology, research, and counseling. I have successfully assisted numerous individuals in managing issues ranging from stress, depression, and trauma to relationship challenges and neurodevelopmental disorders. My holistic approach prioritizes not only symptom treatment but also guiding individuals towards meaningful and enriching lives. My empathetic and active listening skills foster a safe and non-judgmental space for clients. Proficient in various therapeutic techniques, I offer a tailored approach to meet unique needs. Additionally, I prioritize personal well-being through hobbies like yoga, meditation, and art.

    Vandita Sharma

    Dr. Gunjan Tiwari

    Dr. Gunjan Tiwari, a registered psychologist with 25 years of experience in Counseling and Psychotherapy, also holds 12 years of expertise as a psychoanalyst. Her practice includes the renowned Freudian technique of psychoanalysis, delving deep into the unconscious to understand and relieve psychological symptoms. Dr. Tiwari is affiliated with prestigious organizations such as the Indian Psychoanalytic Society and the International Psychoanalytical Association. Her work extends to children, adolescents, and young adults, addressing issues like aggression, depression, stress, and more. She’s a pioneer in individualized Aptitude testing and Career Counselling, and her specialization includes emotional healing, relationship mending, mental health improvement, and holistic life coaching for happiness.

    Program Duration

    The program runs over eight weeks, consisting of 16 comprehensive classes, held two per week. We limit the number of seats to ensure optimal student-teacher interaction.

    Don't Miss Out!

    Early Bird Discount

    The early bird catches the worm! Enroll before the deadline to secure an exclusive discount on the course fee.

    Limited Seats

    The seats are filling fast! Limited spots available to ensure a focused learning environment.

    Lifetime Access

    Early enrollees will also receive lifetime access to all future updates to the course materials.


    Today's the day!

    Are You Ready to Embark on Your UPSC Journey with MindMastery?

    Enroll Now and take the first significant step toward securing your UPSC dreams with MindMastery.

    Check Your Stress Levels: A Tool for UPSC Aspirants

    The “Stress Level Measurement for UPSC Students” test is designed to assess the level of stress experienced by students who are preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams in India. The UPSC exams are known for their highly competitive nature and comprehensive syllabus, often leading to varying levels of stress among aspirants

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MindMastery for UPSC Program

    The program aims to provide a holistic approach to UPSC Preliminary Examination preparation, incorporating techniques to improve memory retention, time management, and study skills along with psychological well-being.

    This program is specifically tailored for UPSC aspirants, particularly those preparing for the Preliminary Examination. It’s also beneficial for anyone looking to improve their study skills and general exam preparation.

    The program runs for 8 weeks with 16 classes, covering topics like mindset development, memory techniques, time management, active study strategies, critical thinking, stress management, and more.

    The program offers a holistic approach to learning, evidence-based methodologies, a flexible learning environment, and lifetime access to course materials.

    You can enroll through our website by filling out the registration form and making the payment.

    We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as other payment methods like net banking and digital wallets.

    You’ll need a stable internet connection and a device capable of video conferencing to participate in the online classes. We recommend using a laptop or desktop for the best experience.

    You can always reach out to the instructors during or after the classes for academic queries. For technical or administrative concerns, our customer support team is available during business hours.

    The program lasts for 8 weeks, consisting of 16 classes.

    Our instructors are experts in their respective fields with years of experience in UPSC coaching and educational guidance.

    Classes are conducted online via google meet, and the schedule will be provided upon registration.

    You can reach out to our customer support team via email at [email protected], or call us at 080762 99405

    Our customer service is available from 10 AM to 9 PM, Monday.

    Refunds can only be initiated prior to 24 hours from the class start date. No refunds will be processed within the 24-hour window before the class starts.

    To initiate a refund, please contact our customer support team via the aforementioned methods. You will be required to provide your registration details and reason for refund.

    Once your refund is approved, it will take up to 5-7 business days for the amount to reflect in your original payment method.

    We hope these FAQs address your initial queries. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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