What comes in your mind, when you hear the word Psychology?  Do Psychology Experts can really read your mind? , Why someone acts in a certain manner? How your mind directs your body to do something or not to do it?

All your cries &  laughs, needs & deeds, motivations & disparity and almost everything you do, think and act in your day-to-day life is controlled by your mind. You must have heard of your science teacher saying, HUMAN MIND IS THE MOST COMPLEX THING IN THIS WORLD, but actually it is just the half truth. Human mind is complex but at the same time it helps you doing the toughest tasks in the easiest way. Whether its coding or your life in general. And to understand its complexity we have the panacea in the name of Psychology.

Psychology is the study of all the overt (observable) behavior including your gesture, posture, your facial expressions, your way of talking and the covert (cognitive) activities in your mind including the way you think, feel, learn and memorize things. The term Psychology came from two Greek words “Psyche” which means mind or soul and “logos” means the study of something. So, we can say that it’s the scientific study of mind and behavior.

It all started with , when a German physiologist WILHELM WUNDT tempted to study human mind and established first ever experimental psychology laboratory in  Leipzig, Germany about 140 years back in 1879 and for his pioneer work in this field he’s popularly known as the father of Psychology.


Although, Psychology has its traces back in the era of 4th century’s Aristotle and Plato who had their own philosophical views on human mind, its existence and its functions. Aristotle a pioneer in medical sciences, commonly known as the Father of the Biology had wrote about the relationship of the human body and soul in his work De Anima whereas Plato had talked about the concept of Dualism which tends to explain that the soul and the body exists separately and are dual entities. And thereafter  many philosophers argued on their explanations on human mind and Psychology emerged.

Don’t you think life would be more easy if we already knew , why one is acting in a certain manner and other in some different , what are the reasons you feel like laughing out loud at one moment and grim into a looping saddened mood in another, Psychology is the answer to all your what, why, when and how or we can say that it aims to uncover the mysteries of human behaviour by :Describing what is happening, Explaining why it is happening, Predicting when will it happen again and Controlling how can it be changed.

Just like we have dentists for our dental and oral health, orthopedists for bones and joints, cardiologist for the care and treatment of our heart as specialists. We have Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Counsellors for our mental well-being.

Psychologist, an academic expert a doctorate in Psychology and professionally specialized in one or more Psychology related areas i.e. social Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Media Psychology and so on.

Psychiatrists, a medical professional having Medical doctorate (M.D) in the field of psychology who diagnoses and treats psychological disorders by providing various therapies and medicines.

Counsellors, who listen, analyze and observe people and guide them to understand their problems, to adjust to their social surroundings including family and work environment, to desensitize with their stress, phobias, and traumas and help them to acquire a healthy mental well-being. Psychology is a multi-dimensional science and so as Counselling, which includes Individual counselling, Family counsellingCareer counselling, Educational counselling, Organizational counselling, Clinical counselling, Rehabilitation and De-addiction counselling.


Basically, Psychology Experts don’t really read your mind they observe, understand, predict, and change your mental processes and behaviour. So, Next time when the question arises in your mind, “Do Psychology Experts really read your mind?” you have your answer.


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