What Is the Meaning of MANOCHIKITSA | Purpose of Psychotherapy

What Is the Meaning of MANOCHIKITSA | Purpose of Psychotherapy

The word MANOCHIKITSA originated from the Sanskrit word मन: (Psyche) + चिकित्सा (Therapy), which means healing of the mind called Psychotherapy in Psychology.  To understand the meaning of MANOCHIKITSA, one needs to understand the nature of the mind. We are all aware that the nature of the mind is instinctive which includes consciousness, Emotions, imagination, perception, thinking, intelligence, language, and memory. When the tendency of the mind is positive then the creative mental development of the person occurs. At the same time, when the tendency of the mind becomes negative, then this mind becomes distorted and as a result, it needs treatment which is called psychotherapy or MANOCHIKITSA in Hindi.

Psychotherapy is a form of treatment for problems of emotional and behavioral nature in which a trained person establishes a professional relationship with a patient with the aim of positive growth and development in his or her personality, removing current symptoms of disturbing patterns of behavior. Psychotherapy is a well-planned activity of psychologists that aims to bring about a change in a person's life that fills their life coherence with the possibility of happiness, making it even more structural, or both.


Understanding MANOCHIKITSA - What is the purpose of Psychotherapy?


  • Modifying person' illogical Thoughts Pattern

The root cause of mental problems is the distortion of thoughts, beliefs, and thinking of a person. If a person's negative thoughts, wrong beliefs, and distorted thinking are replaced by appropriate thought and belief or modified by amending it, then it leads the way to solve his problem. Through psychotherapy, therapists or counselors try to develop rational thinking by changing the client's illogical thoughts pattern.


  • Helping change your undesirable habits

A person's undesirable and inappropriate habits make him psychopathic and these habits need to be improved for proper treatment. Our habits are the result of wrong rules of learning or negative conditioning. If we teach a person how to use the right way of learning, then he can bring positive and corrective changes in many undesirable habits.

Through psychotherapy, the counselor identifies these habits and tries to change them through psychological techniques.


  • Growth and Development of Client

There is a natural tendency of self-development and Growth exists in every human being and this process continues smoothly in the shadow of getting a favorable environment and making appropriate decisions. Whenever there is an obstacle due to the decisions taken by the person towards his life and due to an unfavorable environment, then mental disturbances arise in the person.

Every person has a latent desire to express the hidden talent and possibilities in him and to give shape to realization.  By creating conditions to express it, the person moves easily on the path of self-development.


  • Enhance self-knowledge and insight

One of the main reasons for a person's mental problems is his lack of proper and accurate knowledge about himself. If a person has proper knowledge of all aspects of his personality, then it makes it easy for him to take the right decision in relation to himself. The right understanding is necessary for the right decision and the right understanding increases with the increase in analytical ability.

For developing analytical ability it is necessary to have practice instincts. And for the practice, it is necessary to have the desire to know about yourself. Therefore, psychologists consider encouraging the patient to know himself as a major goal of psychotherapy.


  • Encouraging communication and interpersonal relationships

Encouraging communication and interpersonal relationships is another important objective of psychotherapy. The concept behind this is that the behavior of the patient is influenced by his thoughts and concerns and the thoughts are in harmony with his mood. This attitude depends on interpersonal relationships because of his being a social animal.

The good interpersonal relationship depends to a large extent on mutual communication. Therefore, a major objective of psychotherapy is to strengthen communication and interpersonal relationships.


  • Strengthening the client's motivation for appropriate behavior

One of the purposes of a psychologist in Psychotherapy is to encourage the person to do the right thing. For this, the psychologist attempts to strengthen the patient's motivation. During the psychological problem, the client is not able to solve his issues, he/she has mental conflicts. He does not understand what he should do in this situation. The motivation level is also very low. In such a situation the therapist tries to encourage the client for positive change So that he does not lose courage and continues in this path of learning and development.


I hope you have understood the meaning of MANOCHIKITSA and its purpose very well.

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