What causes mental illness? Causes of Psychological Disorders

What causes mental illness? Causes of Psychological Disorders

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), about 38 million Indians are facing some type of mental problem. But even today people do not like to talk openly about mental problems in our country. Many people feel that if they share their mental or behavioral problems with someone, they will become a subject of sympathy or mockery in society.

Even today in many parts of India, it is thought that all mental problems are the result of evil possession or outbreak. In such a situation, people consider it more appropriate to treat it through Tantra Mantra. In this case, instead of decreasing, the problem increases, and the patient suffers alone. So it becomes important for us to know what causes mental disorders. Do they happen suddenly or there are many reasons behind it?.

According to psychologists, there are many reasons for mental disorders. Due to these reasons, a person is unable to keep pace with the social environment, which makes his behavior seem unusual. So let's know about some psychological reasons behind this?


What causes mental disorders? Causes of mental illness


Early life deprivation

In the early days of the development of children, when any type of incompleteness or negative incident happens to them, their personality development cannot be complete properly. Due to this, many problems arise in their behavior. These incidents can be of many types like

  • Deprivation

 Many times in childhood, children do not get as much love and affection from parents as a normal child should. Sometimes it is also due to lack of time and sometimes the children are even despised. Such types of children feel lonely. Also, their skill and mental development are not done properly due to which unusual behavior arises in them later. Lack of trust is also seen in such children, due to which they have difficulty in building a relationship in the future.


  • Childhood trauma

When children have some negative events in childhood, such as death or exploitation of someone in the family, it affects their personality development and reduces their ability to fight situations. Such behavior causes abnormalities in their behavior. If they are not prevented in childhood, then its effect is seen in the future also.



The way parents raise their children also determines their development to a large extent. Many parents give too much freedom to their children, many become very strict with them. According to psychologists, inadequate parenting occurs in many ways such as;


  • over protection

Many times parents get very concerned about the safety of their children and provide them protection in every possible way. In such a situation, they also do basic work themselves which should be done by the children. According to psychologists, due to the excessive safety of children, their social, personality, and mental development is not done properly due to which many problems are seen later.


  • restriction

Many parents set strict rules for their children, which causes fear and dependency on children. Its effect is seen in the future also. Such people feel difficult to speak openly.


  • Overpermisivness

Many parents fulfill every demand of their children, even if it is expensive but they are not able to instill a sense of discipline in the children. Many times, such children are seen with anger, persistence, selfishness, non-cooperation, and a tendency to get everything done.



What a person thinks about himself, what he thinks about the environment around him, determines his behavior to a large extent. With this thinking, he makes an identity of his own. But many people create negative thinking for themselves and society, due to which a feeling of disdain and disappointment arises in them. This decreases their confidence and affects their behavior.

In such people, stress, depression, anxiety disorder, and many types of relationship problems are seen.



Our circumstances also determine our thinking and behavior to a great extent. Many times, such situations arise in a person's life that his behavior becomes abnormal and his control over himself is reduced. Such as problems in relationships, non-employment, exams, fights, and losses. Trauma etc.

In such a situation, the person feels weak and is surrounded by many mental problems.

All these reasons are the basic causes of the development of any mental problem. However, every mental illness such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, multiple identity disorder has some psychological and biological causes which are possible to cure. But for this, it is necessary to take a step of the person to talk and get treatment.

If you think you or your beloved one may have a mental, behavioral, or emotional problem, it is important to remember there are hope and help.


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