What's your parenting style? Which One is Right?

What's your parenting style? Which One is Right?

How parents raise their children determines to a great extent the relationship between them. Every parent wants their children to always be happy and to make progress. For this, many parents become stricter with their children and many become softer. According to experts, sometimes a good and effective parenting style does not come naturally and, to be a good parent, you also need to know an effective parenting style.

According to a clinical and developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind, there are 4 types of parenting style that can lead to different child development and child outcomes


Types of Parenting Styles - Which one is yours?

Authoritarian parenting style

The authoritarian parenting style is also called strict parenting. Authoritarian parents always believe that children should obey them unconditionally. Such parents do not allow children to be involved in problem-solving challenges. Instead, they make rules and directed their children to work accordingly. Also, the opinions or suggestions of children are not given much importance.

Authoritarian parents use punishment rather than discipline. Therefore, instead of teaching children by mistake, they put more emphasis on the punishment or lesson of mistake. In such a situation, there is no open dialogue between the parents and the child.

According to psychologists, children are likely to have low self-confidence in such a parenting style. children are obedient and conformist. At the same time, such children feel shy, as well as insecure, fearful, and low social competence. Because of this many times, they stay behind in many areas including study.


Types of parenting style



Permissive parenting

Permissive parents set very few rules and boundaries for their children. Such parents are kind who do not like to say no to their children or disappoint them.

Such parents typically place more emphasis on the role of a friend rather than on the role of a parent. They often encourage their children to talk to them about their problems, but sometimes they do not put much effort into stopping their children's wrong choices or bad behavior. Due to this, there is a lack of discipline and control in children. When grown-up, such children have egoistic tendencies.

According to psychologists, it is important for parents to be friendly with children, but it is also important for them to set some boundaries and rules for their children so that the child can understand their responsibility.

Such types of children tend to be High social competence but poor self-regulation and academic achievement.


Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parenting is considered the most effective and beneficial parenting style for normal children. Like authoritarian parents, authoritative parents also make clear rules. But they also allow some relaxation of the rules.

Such parents often use logical consequences, which teach life lessons. They use positive discipline to prevent misbehavior of children and to reinforce good behavior. Therefore, such parents scold their children for their misbehavior and praise them for good behavior. The best part of this type of parenting style is the open dialogue between parents and children.

Such parents listen to their decisions without reprimanding them and promote their ability to speak, which increases the understanding of the child. This type of parenting creates a healthy environment for a growing child and helps foster a positive relationship between the parent and the child.

According to psychologists, children born in such a parenting style are happy and successful. Also, they have a good ability to make decisions and evaluate risks. Such children are likely to become more responsible adults who feel comfortable expressing their opinions.


Neglectful Parenting

Neglectful parenting is one of the most harmful parenting styles. Neglectful parents do not set any boundaries or rules for their children. They do not have any responsibility for the needs of their children. Such parents also do not contribute to meeting the basic needs of children. These types of parents often suffer from many kinds of problems like depression, exploitation, mental health issues themselves. Due to this, children do not get much guidance, nutrition, and attention from parents.

Such children have a low sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. Also, they also perform poorly in studies. Often they are also troubled with many behavior problems.


Now you have understood that which parenting style is the most effective and which one you should adopt.  If you have any questions you may ask via comments or through our discussion forum and like our Facebook page to stay connected with us.


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