Story of Sigmund Freud : Understand Your Child's Psychology

Story of Sigmund Freud : Understand Your Child's Psychology

Dealing with child behavior: Story of Sigmund Freud


The world's greatest psychiatrist, Sigmund Freud, was born in Austria, Freud was considered to be a major neuropsychologist and psychiatrist in Vienna. The entire United States and Europe were influenced by his discoveries. Sigmund Freud tried differently to understand the human brain, due to which he is also called Father of Psychoanalysis.

This article is based on their personal experience, through which efforts have been made to explain human behavior and child psychology.


One day Sigmund Freud went out to wander with his wife and child. After some time his wife notices that his child was not present there. Thinking that the child has lost, his wife became very upset. But Freud had no worries


Seeing Freud being relaxed, his wife has spoken to him in anger that our little child has lost and you are not worried. Freud laughs and said to her “Do not worry” Our child will be found now. His wife said that till if we will not find him, how will we get him?

Freud asked his wife, 'Did you forbid him to go to someplace? After thinking for a while, the wife said that I specifically not allowed him to go to the fountain.

Freud said 'Then he will certainly get near the fountain. Then both went to the fountain and found that their child was playing at the same.

“How did Freud realize with so much confidence that the child would get near the fountain”  curiosity awaken in his wife mind

Freud said that it is the nature of the human being, Especially the children that deliberately doing that thing in the first place that is refused to do.


It is the tendency of human being that it is always attracted them to strange things. Whatever the thing is written that it is restricted to go there or it is wrong then people will definitely go there. Whatever human being is today and whatever discoveries and invention it has made, it is due to the curiosity of knowing it. People want to know about everything, how did that thing happen, how and why do they work? ... Because of the eagerness to know the answers to these questions, the person searched for new things. This curiosity pushes the people to do the same where they are forbidden or restricted.

Teachers and parents are required If they want to refuse the kids for something, it is also necessary to tell its possible consequences. Then children can be given the right direction.


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