Why Failure or Failed Relationship Keep You Stuck

Why Failure or Failed Relationship Keep You Stuck

Learned Helplessness - What It Is and Why It Happens


In 1965, American psychologist Martin Seligman conducted research on some dogs. In this research, a bell rings and after that, the dogs are given a lightning shock. This process is repeated several times. After a few days, Seligman noticed that the dogs were so shocked that they began to give a shock-like response to the bell. But then after some time, this research got some unexpected


Seligman placed all those dogs in a big box, which was divided into two parts through a small fence. Dogs were kept in the one box part and they were given a slight lightning shock. Seligman expected that all the dogs who were shocked try to jump in the other part of the box but it did not happen. Dogs did not do anything to avoid shock.

Seligman also did this experiment on several other dogs, whose results are similar to the previous one. After that, he kept those dogs in the box which was never given an electric shock before. When these dogs were shocked in the box, they all responded promptly and all jumped all the way to the other side of the box.


According to Seligman, the first dogs did not try to escape because they found themselves helpless to avoid in the past. They felt that they would not be able to avoid it. This situation was named by Seligman as the learned helplessness. Learned helplessness is the situation when a person or animal finds himself unable to avoid negative, traumatic or other problems.


How does learned helplessness affect our life 


The same thing also affects our behavior and thought process. After such types of negative experiences, human beings often feel unable to learn from new situations or save themselves from that difficulty, even if there are many ways to avoid them or to cope with the situation. Because he thinks that many times he cannot overcome this before, how can he deal now? Therefore, his efforts also decrease and when he has the right chance to do that thing or the time comes, he cannot understand it. This is called learned helplessness i.e. human being learns that he is powerless and helpless.


Many such examples are seen in our daily life. Often we fail in the same work repeatedly whether it is a competitive examination or a business or a relationship And then we reach a state where we feel that everything is now over in life. Now we cannot do anything And this situation leads us towards depression and stress. Even many people also take wrong steps. But does this help to solve the problem? Not at all, but we also sadden those people who love us.

Once the answer to this problem, someone asked Vivekananda what could be worse than losing everything, which Vivekananda answered “Losing hope by which everything can be found”


So Friends Don't Stop Dreaming & Never Loss Hope.  It is not necessary that you can not do the thing that you could not do before. Optimism is a belief that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and faith


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