What is Unconditional Positive Regard? Why You Need It in relationships

What is Unconditional Positive Regard? Why You Need It in relationships

What is Unconditional Positive Regard?  Why You Need It. Unconditional positive regard in relationships & Marriage


The concept of unconditional Positive regard was described by Carl Rogers in the humanistic approach. This involves support and acceptance to the person without any condition. Specifically used in client centered therapy where we accept the person without any expectation.

•        Non- judgement attitude.

•        Respecting and accepting a person as the way they are.

•        Accept a person uniqueness.

•        In unconditional positive regard you are ready to value a person’s values and beliefs with the same respect the way they do.

•        Being aware and alert about that person and their needs.


Why you need unconditional Positive regard

Unconditional support gives a person confidence in life that they are also loved by someone no matter what they do. That also helps people to change and work positively. That reduces a person’s fear of loneliness. For further positive growth, a person wants people around through don’t blame them or always make them find fault in them?

They need people who can be there for them to make sure that they are all right and they should grow too.

unconditional Positive regard in psychology

Unconditional positive regard in the relationship

In a relationship where everyone has a high expectation of each other. We should also remember that every time you can’t keep changing yourself for others, because everyone has their self-respect. Unconditional positive regard, help in the relationship to creating more understanding and cooperation. When we are unconditioned in our relationship we love and care for a person even if they do something which we have not been expected from them. We accept a person the way they are, which enhance the love and respect in any relationship

Such as I know if I leave my child to play outside they may mess their dress but still we allow them because here we want to give them the freedom to make mistakes and learn. In this situation, once the child grows they also learn the same kind of behaviour. Once they grow up they also respect and love their parents with no conditions. Slowly- slowly it has become a chain of support and love in a family. It can create a positive environment. Unconditional positive regards help a person to support other with respect while accepting their values and norms.

Even if you can’t accept you shouldn’t disrespect them. Here a person gets the confidence that they may not be withdrawn from their loved one either they do well or bad but it doesn’t mean that they can do what they feel too. Unconditional positive regards show that if a person does some mistake you can help them to improve in that area rather than having a negative perspective about the person.

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