What is a long-distance relationship? Tips to stay connected in long-distance relationship

What is a long-distance relationship? Tips to stay connected in long-distance relationship

What is a long-distance relationship? 

When two intimate partners are geographically separated from each other then it is known as Long-distance relationship (LDR) or Long distance romantic relationship (LDRR). Not just romantic partners, even if family members and friends are geographically separated from each other then also it is known as LDRs. The intimate partners’ could be boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, fiancé and fiancée. 


The family members, friends, and intimate partners geographically separated from each other lack the much-needed face-to-face contact. It is most common among college students. Although these days, virtual media is helping intimate partners, family members, and friends who are geographically apart to maintain face–to–face contact but still the long-distance relationship triggers a lot of problems. 


Common long-distance relationship Problems


Rohlfing (1995) suggested some unique challenges in Long-distance relationships:


·         More financial burdens to sustain the relationships


·         Increased expectations from the partner to compensate for the limited face-to-face contact. 


·         Difficulty in maintaining friendships with geographically close friends while one is involved in a long-distance relationship.


·         Not able to judge the condition of the relationship from a distance 

Problems in long-distance relationship


Some other common problems are:-


  • In long-distance relationships, there are dry periods. During this time you feel like you have nothing to talk about with your romantic partner or you have to think too much to find a topic to talk about. 


  • Some partners get involved in excessive talking. They spend long hours every day communicating with each other either through phone or zoom. 


  • Expect an immediate answer from the partner. 


  • Poor communication patterns develop between the couples, family, and friends. The partner, family member, or friend geographically apart start hiding things from each other.


  • Insecurity, doubts, jealousy, and trust issues 


Tips to stay connected in a long-distance relationship


  • Discuss with the partner  how much time he/she can spend with you. Also, communicate to your partner how much time you can give them.


  • Make your relationship your priority. Wish your partners, friends, family whosoever is geographically apart from you on their important days. Pamper them by giving them surprise gifts. 



  • Give your partner verbal assurances frequently. This will minimize the negative feelings like Insecurity, doubts, jealousy.


  • Encourage your partner to grow in their lives. Be aware of your partner’s strengths and interests and keep motivating them to follow their interest and work on developing their strength.


  • Finding out things which you can be done together. It can be as simple as reading the same book, watching the same web series, going to the same chain of the restaurant at the same time, or eating while talking to each other on zoom. 


  • Don’t ignore the important issue or something which is bothering you. Communicate with your partner your feelings and anything which is bothering you. 

Hopefully, many questions that arose in your mind about long distance relationships would have been answered. If you still have any questions, you can ask us through comments.