What Is The Relationship Between Pornography And Depression? Can Pornography Trigger Depression

What Is The Relationship Between Pornography And Depression? Can Pornography Trigger Depression

In many countries participating in sexual behavior like watching porn is discouraged. To discourage people from getting involved in sexual behavior which is considered immoral, myths are attached to it. Some of them are listed below: – 


  • Watching porn is bad for mental health
  • Happy couples never get involved in watching porn
  • Those people who are lonely and unsatisfied with their lives watch porn.
  • Porn watching is addictive


What researchers concluded about watching pornography

To date, there is not sufficient evidence that supports the statement that pornography use causes depression in individuals or directly triggers depression. 


According to research published in 2007, it was concluded that those who watch porn more frequently are more likely to suffer from the feeling of loneliness. Loneliness is a symptom of depression however loneliness alone cannot be considered depression. In this study, only 400 people self-reported in a survey, and hence this research has a lot of limitations and cannot be considered a true measure.


According to another study in 2018, it was concluded that some people experience the feeling of guilt, get upset or get distressed when they are viewing any kind of sexual content. All these feelings could negatively impact their emotional health. 


Impact of watching pornography on individuals


As per the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) sexual urges, thoughts, or behaviors like pornography use result in negative physical, spiritual, or psychological consequences hence it should be controlled.


Pornography watch has a different impact on different individuals. It is subjective. It depends upon the individual background as well as the way the individual uses porn. Some of the individuals just watch it rarely and get satisfied whereas, on the other hand, some of them watch it compulsively. Compulsive watching is a warning sign. 


Some of the individuals feel guilty or ashamed after watching the porn especially if the individual is living in a country where watching porn is not considered socially acceptable. It is against their moral values which they have learned through enculturation and socialization. This eventually negatively impacts their emotional health. This happens because they are constantly in a state of dilemma. 

Their instinctual drive forces them to watch porn whereas their superego or morality is holding them back. This constant conflict between ID and superego hamper their emotional health. This might become the reason for the development of mental disorders like depression if left untreated. 


When watching porn became problematic 


  • Watching porn is affecting the individual’s work, school, home, or social life.
  • Watching porn for emotional comfort
  • Feel so much guilt and distress after watching porn
  • Not able to resist their urge to watch porn
  • Watching porn is turning into a necessary need


Due to poor quality sex education, people are unaware of what porn is and how one can use porn to watch healthily. If your porn watching pattern is following into a problematic category then it’s important to seek the advice of a therapist.


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