What is Journaling? 7 Psychological benefits of Diary Writing

What is Journaling? 7 Psychological benefits of Diary Writing

Journaling or diary writing is a personal documentary which a person can make of their own self. It can be related to their day to day life, work schedule, emotion, feelings or much more. It is a collaboration of your thoughts and perception of life in your own way. A person can have a log of each of their thinking and comprehension without any restriction or rules because many time as a social people we may get biased to think in a prohibited way as it shouldn’t heart anyone or what others will think.

In your record you can feel free from all this aspects while expressing your own self. Daily writing can be your good mood tracker. Writing is an indirect technique which makes you relax, happy and also could be a good friend. We all know that always we can’t be in the same situation. Time gets change with the time people move on in their life and what we are today we can’t be tomorrow, also we can’t go in past.

In that situation, writing becomes a tool which can take us in our back memories as the exact way we had leave that moment. Everything we can’t remember as in our brain, information process use information based on a process called filter. We keep replacing the past moment to current moment. 


Benefits of Diary Writing – Journaling for Mental Health

·         Maintaining a Diary may a good ventilation. As we all know that everyone has a limit. We can’t keep each and everything in our mind.


·         Sometimes it may help you to take a major decision in your life or to judge your own activities. Because better than you no one else can know you. Also can support to avoid certain stand in life. As always elder says that when we are in very happy or in a very sad mood we should not take any decision. So Diary writing can help to evaluate your each action.


·         It’s a very useful stress managing technique.


·         It’s help you to schedule your day to day task or life.


·         It’s a good way of collecting memories.


·         It’s a non-judgement way of expression.


·         It can be a very fruitful leisure activity.


·         It’s a good way of emotional expression. Many time when we want to talk to someone that time that person may not be available or we may not very sure that we can disclose our self completely to them or not. In this situation writing is best way of expression.


I would consider my diary serves the same purpose as going for a walk or a run. They are all physical ways of clearing a mental landscape: Chet Faker



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