What is Libido? What factors affect libido. Is low libido a problem?

What is Libido? What factors affect libido. Is low libido a problem?

What is Libido

Libido word is related to a sexual urge. This term is given by Sigmund Freud in his psychoanalytical theory. According to this theory, libido is a person’s basic need and there all the behavior can be facilitated by these feelings. In another word, we can call sex drive. In mental health, once this drive becomes too high or low then it can be a problem for the concerned person.

What factors affect libido 

Libido can be affected by Hormonal, Biological, psychological and medical changes, day-to-day lifestyle, and Relational issues. Specifically in psychological aspects if a person is taking long-term medicine they may have an impact on their sexual drive. Also nowadays busy life may interfere with a person’s basic needs as they become more tired.

Libido and fixation

If we talk about fixation it is related to a condition where a person gets stuck with their libidinal feelings. According to the psychoanalytical theory when a child is young their libidinal center will be the mouth and as they grow it changes. With certain people, if this gets stuck in their adulthood that may cause certain issues like – Nail biting, drinking, and smoking, etc.

Is low Libido a problem

Low libido can be a normal issue that every man and woman could have faced at some point in time but once it starts affecting their relationship it may consider problematic. As we all know that sex derive is a basic need of a human being which gets affected by many things in a person’s day-to-day life. We should understand that this is not something that has a particular measurement. If a men or women feel significant issues in their sex life then it can consider as a problem. 

If both the partner can satisfy their partner then these aspects may not impact negatively otherwise if both the partners aren’t having higher drive then it may not be any issues. Basically, men’s main issues will be related to erectile and women’s issues precipitated by their mental and physical factors.

Basically, Libido is a basic need in a person’s life but affects people differently, and if we talk about high and low libido that also caused by multiple aspects of life. So first you need to understand that is this basic need is creating a problem in your personal life or not. Accordingly, you can seek help from professionals, too.

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