Is it ok or wrong to talk to an ex after marriage?

Is it ok or wrong to talk to an ex after marriage?

I miss my ex after marriage also. Is it ok or wrong to keep in touch with an ex after marriage

Marriage is a relationship that is completely dependent on trust between you and your partner. Once you get married to someone that person only doesn’t share their whole life with you, never forgets that they also share their all the dreams and emotions with you. Either you are a girl or a boy, it doesn’t matter for me, to give an answer to this question. It’s not about right and wrong. It’s all about how much you are serious with your current partner. You need to understand that why are you missing your ex? 

You need to question yourself that in which sense you are missing your ex? Because here the role of relationship is very important. He or she can be your good friend. So are you missing a good friend in your life or in which role?

Always remember that once we are not getting something then only we miss some other things in life. If you are with your partner and still you are missing your ex that means you are lacking something in your current relationship. If you are talking to your ex is not affecting your marriage life then I don’t think it should be a problem. Also, you shouldn’t hide from your spouse about the ex. They rarely accept your past in present. 

Before getting into any commitment in life be aware of all the consequences. It may cause problems in your current marriage life. If your partner feels it’s ok then talking with anyone either after marriage or before marriage is not an issue. But before that be clear about your boundaries with your all relationship.

You can keep yourself opposite on your partner’s side and then think if you are in that place what you would’ve done or what you would’ve felt the same situation. After evaluating yourself I think you only will be able to answer to yourself that what is right or wrong?

As an independent individual, each person has a right to talk to anyone in their community and society but each relation that we create has certain rules and norms based on your honesty and compatibility towards your relationship. So if you feel you are giving your hundred percent in each criterion of your relationship then you only can decide what is right and wrong for you because always right and wrong definitions can differ from one person to another person.  

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