How to support someone with suicidal thoughts and depression

How to support someone with suicidal thoughts and depression

Before we talk, how to support a person to cope with depression and suicidal thoughts, we should understand what exactly it is?

What is Depression

Depression is a mental condition which can be described by hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness. You feel that now this world is nothing for you, no one can help you and you can’t be happy. This is a mental condition where you feel very low, tensed, feel like crying, always want to be in isolation, etc. Many times in long term, suicidal thoughts or negative thinking may lead you towards depression but depression comes under mild mental anxiety disorder that can be precipitated by multiple causes, like – Environment, social and biological causes.


How to Help Someone With Depression

Initially try to understand the sign and symptoms of Depression. How it’s impacting a person. As we all know that anything can’t impact similar to different people.

•        Encourage the needy to seek support from the therapist.

•        Don’t leave a person alone.

•        If you can try to change a person’s atmosphere may help to change their mood.

•        Discourage the person from any kind of drug abuse that can Cause more physical and psychological problems.

How to support someone with suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts are the state of mind where you lose control of your own life or your negative thoughts controlling your mind which may force a person to take some steps in life such as a suicidal attempt.


How to support someone with suicidal thoughts

Any thoughts in your mind never come simply always it has some cause. So if you want to support someone to overcome their suicidal thoughts then first try to understand a person’s thought process. If a person negatively taking everything then try to find out the cause of their thinking process.

•        Try to listen to a person without judging them. This will help you to understand the symptoms of signs of suicidal ideation.

•        Many times we feel if we talk about suicide they may feel for that, this is not rights while talking you may understand what kind of thoughts a person going through.

•        Try to not leave the person alone with their thoughts. Remove the certain things from their surrounding which can aggravate or to support their thoughts such as knives etc.

•        You can encourage them to seek help from professional Suicide Prevention Helplines.

•        Try to contact someone who can help you to reach that person in some problematic situation, like- Some friend or family member.


As a human ground whenever we see someone in trouble we want to help that person but always remember if the problem is serious or you are not able to identify then don’t take the risk with someone’s life. Help a person to get advice from therapist, psychiatrists or clinical psychologists and while they are supporting them you can be a part of that support but before doing anything, understand what person needs too.

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