How to Stop Comparing Your partner to Everyone Else's

How to Stop Comparing Your partner to Everyone Else's

Partnership starts with lots of understanding, sacrifices, concern, and time. Usually, this is a human tendency that whenever we see others, we immediately get attract towards their lifestyle, partners and everything. There one aspect of life comes where we start comparing our partners also and most of the time we find that other partners are more compatible, caring loving and much more but while comparing we forget that whatever sacrifices your partner would’ve made for you that may or may not be in others life or your life family, expectation and situation also may differ from others. So here we need to understand that if our life patterns, requirement, and expectation aren’t the same then how compression can make a place? And if we want to compare then we shouldn’t have a choice.

We should compare everything because mostly we compare based on our convenience. What we like we want like same but what we don’t want we ignore. If we accept all good things of others life than their negative aspects of life also we can’t ignore. Comparison in your personal life may impact negatively, also can be a cause of lots of adjustment issues.

Reasons you should NEVER Compare your partner with others. How to Stop 


•        The comparison may reduce your understanding and compatibility with your partner

•        Some trust issues also can take a place between your relationships

•        It may cause a lack of satisfaction

•        Misunderstanding

•        In a long run may create a guilt feeling

•        Lack of reality ( Imaginary expectation) 

•        It may develop a feeling of worthless in your partner that may cause low self-steam

•        Bitterness in your relationship

Comparison may not allow you to think positively and good about your partner. If you have a small kid at home it will affect their thinking also. For a healthy relationship, you should avoid comparing your spouse with others. Yes if you feel your partner needs to change some behaviour or adopt some healthy habits which can make your life more beautiful. You both always can have a mature conversation and figure out what can be best because with positive support and motivation many people have achieved and may achieve many things in life.

How to Stop Comparing your Partner with Others

To avoid comparison –

•        Try to more focus on your life than others

•        Think about your ups and downs where your partner has been provided the best for you.

•        Before expecting, accept what you have

•        Try to be aware to your feelings such as why you are not satisfied with your life.

•        Don’t talk bad about your partner in front of others

•        If this behaviour really impacting your personal life. You can seek advice from professionals.

Whenever you get the feeling that another life is better than your life. There always think that everyone’s life has some combination of good and bad. Rather than thinking about others life and making your life difficult better to focus on your own life and try to make better.


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