My boyfriend wants to have Sex | How to Say NO

My boyfriend wants to have Sex | How to Say NO

My boyfriend wants to have sex. I’m not sure if I’m ready for sex. How can I tell him or should I just do it?

A sexual relationship is something very personal relationship that also depends on a person’s values or norms. In India usually, we don’t talk openly about this but nowadays still some people have become very open. Before having any relationship with anyone, you should know what that means to you and your partner. This is a very pure relationship where two partners willingly surrender themselves to each other. This is the relationship which two people creates by trusting someone or accepting their values and everything. Sex is not just fun it’s also a responsibility towards each other, so first; you should ask this question with you that are you ready for all?

Apart from this if we think in the very practical form of our biological aspects. Our body require proper care and love in terms of protection and safety. So we also should know that is this relationship is safe for your body and health. As we all know any small changes in our physical body may impact our psychological aspects and all the hormonal disbalance can create future difficulties. 

As a mature person before taking any steps you should measure all the pros and cons of your action because once we move forward we may not be able to come back. You also should be ready to take responsibility for your own action because later you can’t blame anyone. 

If this thought has come to you that you aren’t ready for sex then you should know that why are you not ready? What is there in your mind that is stopping you? Because you’re every thought is important. You can’t ignore your thoughts too. This movement of action may give you a short pleasure but after this what?

Now the question comes, what will you tell to him?

Discuss with your partner, your worries about making a relationship. If he really loves you he will be able to understand your worries and tension and you will get to know that what he thinks about the relationship and his values. Always remember, to make someone happy you don’t have to compromise with your values and what you feel too. A relationship can’t be long-lasting if they have conditions and either in a relationship or anywhere you need to be assertive. You can’t hurt your loved one but always try to be assertive and open to share.

Still end of the day decision will be yours if you have evaluated all the parameters then I feel you are ready to make a decision that exactly what you want to do and why? Have a good talk with your partner; you will get all the answers. 

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