What is love failure? How to overcome love failure

What is love failure? How to overcome love failure

Love is an amazing feeling however it comes with a lot of expectations. Love makes you feel special if it is reciprocated however it makes you feel upset if the expectations are not meet.

Some of the most common expectations from your partner:-


  • Your partner should love you back
  • Your partner should make you his/her priority
  • Your partner must spend good and quality time with you
  • Your partner is sensitive towards your needs 

When your love is not reciprocated, your expectations are not meet, you don’t get the same love back from your partner, it’s really painful, and it’s love failure.


It’s really difficult to handle love failure as it results in emotional as well as physical pain. It’s not easy to get over love failure overnight. Some of the individuals see love failure as the end of life. For those individuals who perceive their partner their life, love failure becomes unbearable.

You need to see love failure from a different perspective. Love failure simply means the end of companionship with your partner. It also means that you and your partner might not be compatible. The relationship which ends is surely not the best and final relationship in your life. The most beautiful relationship is yet to come.

Some useful ways to overcome love failure easily and quickly


·         Do not walk with the baggage of your past relationship 


You need to accept the reality even if it is very painful. Once a relationship is over, there is no point in remembering the good and bad moments spend with your ex-partner over and over again. If you get stuck in the past and remember your old moments by looking at your old loving post with your ex-partner or old photographs with your ex-partner or stocking your ex-partner on social media, it will not help you to move on. This will worsen the situation.


You need to forgive yourself and your partner to move on. You can forgive your ex-partner on the ground that when you guys were together you both spend some very special moments. You can forgive yourself on the ground that no one is perfect, everyone has flaws. 

Tips to overcome love failure

·        Distract yourself with your hobbies 


Love failure surely creates a vacuum in your life. You can fill this vacuum by indulging yourself in your hobbies like learning guitar, new sports, dance, art, etc. Engaging yourself in your hobbies which you wanted to do for a quite long time will reduce painful feelings arousing due to the love failure. This will make you conquer the love failure easily.


·         Get along with your friends and family 


You can share your feelings with your friends, parents, relatives, siblings or someone who will listen to you patiently and is reliable i.e. will not exploit your feelings later. Sharing your emotions with someone will make you feel lighter and good. The advice of good friends sometimes does miracles.


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