Signs You're Burned Out. How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated

Signs You're Burned Out. How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated

How to Overcome Burnout and Stay Motivated

Burnout is the situation of life where you aren’t able to balance between your work and your personal space. We should always understand that once we talk about burnout it’s just not limited to the professional workplace. When a women work at home without taking a break for herself, she may feel overloaded which could be one cause of burnout. Especially today’s lifestyle where a person works like a machine and forget about their personal space, burnout is normal and also due to the financial issues nowadays most of the women’s started working outside because of that their role and responsibilities become more. 

Before we collapse or you may not have the strength to balance yourself you should understand that how your surroundings impact you, where are your boundaries in life.

Signs of Burnout

•           Lack of motivation.

•           Always preoccupied with some or other things.

•           Always feeling tired.

•           Getting angry.

•           Always feel stressed out.

•           Small issues also perceive as a big problem.

•           Sleep disturbance

•           Negative thinking

•           Emotional excursion

•           Difficulty in time management

•           Lack of social interaction

•           Lose of appetite

Sign of Burnout

Burnout can cause certain physical signs also –

•           Always feeling week and headache

•           Lack of energy 

•           Blood pressure

•           Hypertension

•           Blood sugar


How to overcome burnout & stay motivated

•           First we should have a healthy diet.

•           Try to find out what is making you discomfort.

•           Follow time table.

•           Take an off from work & take enough rest.

•           Listen to light music which may help to sleep.

•           Do some meditation & yoga will help you to stay calm.

•           Be assertive and say no if you require too.

•           Read the motivational books before you sleep.

•           Try to spend time with your family and with you.

•           Don’t try to overload yourself with work.

•           Spend time on your hobbies or work which you like too.

•           Be with a group of positive people who aren’t just always talking about negative aspects of life.

•           Self-realization- try to understand your own strength and weakness. 

•           Accept that if you aren’t able to do something’s also is ok. As a human being everyone has a limitation you may also have.

•           Certain stress management techniques may help a person to stay calm.

•           To be productive in life your mental and physical health should always have balance.

•           Also you can take help from an expert. They may support you to enhance your certain basic life stressor management skills.

Basically remember you shouldn’t ignore yourself. If you want to be supportive or make your place in life and society first you should take care of yourself than only you can be productive in your workplace and in your family for that be aware of your own self.

It’s important that you don’t lie to yourself. If you lie to yourself, you end up with burnout. Patrick Pichette 

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