How to motivate yourself when you are depressed

How to motivate yourself when you are depressed

In times of uncertainty, it’s quite natural to fall into a depressed state. Life is full of ups and downs. We came across numerous challenges during our life span. In these tough times, many people might fall into a depressed state and find it difficult to handle the situation. It’s very important to take action at this point. But first, let’s understand how we identify that we are depressed. Some of the symptoms are given below:- 


  • Less interest in pleasurable activities 
  • Difficulty in falling asleep or oversleeping 
  • Reduced or increased intake of food 
  • Easily getting irritated 
  • Feeling of restlessness 
  • Feeling tired throughout the day despite getting proper sleep or oversleeping 
  • Difficulty in paying attention to the casual daily tasks 
  • Negative self-image 
  • Negative thoughts and self-harming thoughts 
  • Feeling of guilt 


It’s really important to take action when you identify yourself getting trapped in a depressed state. If actions are not taken on time then the consequences will certainly be bad. 


Here are some ways to motivate oneself when you identify yourself to be depressed: – 



It’s really important to exercise daily. Start with 15 minutes first and slowly increases it to at least 35 minutes. If you will exercise for a minimum duration of 35 minutes for at least five days a week then you will find an improvement in the depressed state. Endorphins are the feel-good hormones that are released during exercise and hence can change your depressed state to a happy state.

Psychologist ways to motivate yourself when you are depressed


Don’t overburden yourself

Do not make unrealistic plans. Do not push yourself beyond your limits. It’s important to take a break in-between. Divide all the bigger tasks into smaller tasks. Congratulate yourself every time you complete a smaller task. This will motivate you to complete the entire big task. 


Eat fermented foods

According to the researchers, it was concluded that bacteria present in fermented food may increase the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is known to reduce the symptoms of depression


Some of the fermented food items: – 


Ø  Yogurt

Ø  Fermented Rice and dal batters from which dosas and idlis are prepared

Ø  Fermented soybean

Ø  Soy sauce  


Avoid taking negative information

The more you will listen or read the news on sufferings, misery, uncertainty the more you will feel depressed and less motivated. Interacting with people who are always complaining about their situation will also make you feel empty, frustrated after the end of the interaction so you should avoid such discussions. Revisiting your failures should also be avoided. Instead, you should stay connected with positive people. Read motivational stories.


Follow a routine

Make schedules, stick it on a wall from where it is easily available. Tick the tasks when they are completed. This will motivate you to work more hard. 


These are few tips however if it’s not working for you. Don’t panic but don’t ignore as well. Consult a professional to come out from a depressed state. 



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