How to love yourself and be happy

How to love yourself and be happy

Self-love and happiness are two important skills that need to be developed. You won’t start loving yourself and your life suddenly happy. This skill once learned also needs to be practiced regularly.

Self-love is not at all a selfish act. It’s not bad to love yourself. Self-love doesn’t make you arrogant or unproductive.

Why Self Love is important?

  • Self-love makes you productive
  • Self-love enables you to reach your true potential, achieve your goals and dreams
  • It automatically brings happiness to life

Here are few ways to love yourself and in turn feel happy:-

Don’t push yourself to be perfect

Perfection is difficult to achieve because life keeps on changing. If you try to perfect yourself in one domain like academics the other domain might suffer for example – sports. It’s difficult to be good at everything. Some people have inherited genes that make them better than you. 

You should give your best however don’t crave perfection. This will take away the excitement of completing the task and in fact, makes you less productive by giving you the stress of perfectionism.

How to love yourself and be happy

Don’t judge yourself from the expectations of society

Society expectations are not always realistic. And if their expectations are unrealistic then obviously fulfilling them is again a tedious task, When you fail in accomplishing the unrealistic demands of society, you start hating yourself which will later make you unhappy. 

So don’t form your self-image based on these unrealistic expectations of society. Society never gets satisfied, it keeps on asking more and more from you.

Start maintaining gratitude diary

Every night, before sleeping, you need to write about at least 3 things in your life for which you are grateful to God or some other relevant person in your life. It can be your health, your wealth, your parents, your children, etc. This is another way of counting blessings in your life. 

When you realize there are so many good things around you, this will make you love yourself and your life and ultimately make you happy.

Spend time with yourself

Even in your busy schedule, find me time. During this time of the day just relax and reflect upon your thoughts. Try to understand what kind of thoughts coming to your mind. At this time also appreciate the beauty of the surrounding. Focus on your breathing and the changes happening inside your body while you were breathing. 

Be in the present moment, enjoying that moment and be happy.


Self-care simply means caring about your physical and mental health. If you start taking care of yourself, you will automatically start loving yourself. Make sure that you are eating well, taking a break from work to give yourself some relaxation time. Watch your sleep habits. Keep yourself hydrated. Spend quality time with yourself as well as your parents.

Loving yourself is not wrong. It is important for your happiness as well as the happiness of your family so start loving yourself. If you are struggling with this or falling into the circle of self-hate then don’t delay in consulting a therapist. It’s a warning sign.

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