Signs of a toxic relationship. How to walk away from a toxic relationship

Signs of a toxic relationship. How to walk away from a toxic relationship

A relationship is all about trust, honesty, compatibility love, concern, and care. But we have to understand how easy to talk about it, it’s more difficult to understand and explain about a relationship. Being together and excepting a person the way they are becoming very challenging. There some of us find it very exhausting that we just can’t stand with that relation or can’t leave that also. 

We should remember when we talk about a toxic relationship it doesn’t consider only a couple relationship. Any relation which doesn’t stand for trust and honesty turn toxic but yes in marriage life it’s become more worst because two people share their whole life with each other.

Signs of toxic relationship:

•          Mistrust

•          Communication & understanding gap

•          No compatibility

•          More than good sharing argumentative time with each other

•          Commending behavior

•          No respect for the partner

•          Always complain about each other

•          Financial conflict which might lead to unwanted expenditure

•          Always facing some kind of tension which is different from normal stress faced in almost all relationships.


Signs of toxic relationship

•          Always it’s become a priority or needs to consider your partner wishes, for that multiple time need to forget or have to ignore your own interest.

•          Lack of support

•          Lack of intimacy

•          Irritation while being with each other

•          Always find a reason to avoid each other

•          Decision-making conflict

Now again the question comes that do we need to be in the same relationship or we should look some other way. But before taking any decision we have to decide what we want. This clarity should be there in both the partners who are facing this problem in their relationship. If they decide that they are not ready to change their attitude towards the relationship then it’s better to move on. 

We should always remember that we get life at once and any relationship which is not making you happy, it’s better to walk away from that toxic relationship rather than being unhappy and carry the relationship like a burden. This relation only will not impact your day-to-day life it may impact your long-term mental health.

But how…?

How to walk away from a toxic relationship


  • First, you should stop expecting anything or any change from your partner and always consider that you don’t deserve disrespect from anyone. I completely understand it’s very hard to have completely opposite feelings for a loved one but you can’t ignore self-respect too. 
  • Initially, partners can sit together and think of alternatives rather than keep fighting but usually due to a lack of understanding that may or may not work.
  • They can take help from a mediator whom they feel can reason out to both the parties. Sometimes that may give more understanding about their decision. In this, they can seek support from a Psychologist or anyone who are they trust.
  • Also, you can keep yourself away from the particular situation.
  • Legal support also considers as per the requirements of both parties. 

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