What is Emotional Intelligence? How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence? How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional intelligence?

Emotions are the expression of feeling which makes us different from each other. Each person feels different in the same situation or some may feel the same but their way of expression will be different. Many times we have heard from others like don’t be so emotional if you become so emotional people may miss use you, Specifically when it comes to males we become so stereotypical that males can’t be so emotional they can’t cry, they can’t behave childish, But …… Why? 

So now the question comes that Do we need to express our emotions or not?

Actually, without understanding, we start hiding our emotions that could be very harmful in our later life and it can also impact our mental & physical health. Again back to squire what we need to do? Here let’s have more clarity about how to express our emotions. To have an understanding of it, here the role comes of Emotional intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage and regulate an emotional condition with the positivity ways.

Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist has described 5 characteristics of emotional intelligence.

1-     Self-Awareness

2-     Self-regulation

3-     Motivation 

4-     Empathy

5-     Social Skill

How to improve your emotional intelligence

Sign of highly Emotional Intelligence Person:

•       An emotional intelligence person knows how whom and when to express our emotions.

•       They become very open-minded in terms of perceiving the particular situation.

•       Ability to take a good decision based on the situation.

•       Try to evaluate the situation in a practical aspect.

•       Don’t feel hesitant to apologize.

•       Emotional intelligence person have more patience before reaction to any situation they will be a good listener.

•       The person may able to find out their precipitating factor.

•       They tried to solve the situation rather than blame and always tried to point out other mistakes. 

Now we all know that we have to be Emotional intelligence but the question is how to improve our EQ. Here I am tried to overcome point which may help to improve our emotional intelligence.

How to improve our Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

•       We should understand our emotion and able to understand how to express (Self-awareness)

•       Listening with care ( Active listening )

•       Need to justify your own thoughts and their reaction to your own mind and body.

•       Empathize with others rather than just blaming.

•       Don’t react on blames against you, it always teaches you to be strong.

•       Accept your emotions (If you are feeling low it’s completely ok to say it if you are feeling to cry it’s absolutely right to do it but with that, we should always remember that we should be observant of each feeling frequency, intensity, and duration.

•       Keep a helping attitude.

•       Be motivated because nothing is permanent. This world is changeable so our feelings and emotions also change.



What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ — not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests.”  — Daniel Goleman



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