How To Encourage Your Loved One to Start Counselling

How To Encourage Your Loved One to Start Counselling

How To Encourage Your Loved One to Start Therapy

Whenever we hear the word counselling, the first thought comes in ever once mind, normally that I am not made to go to the counsellors. What will do? I am ok? So today I want to let you know that counselling is not something which you take if you aren’t ok or you are not normal. It is as normal as when you are physically not well and you for that you go to the Doctor. Counsellors are the professionals who may help you, Encourage You or support you while providing certain alternatives to your problems.


Now again the question comes that when a person doesn’t know me how they will help? Or I can help by own myself. Here again, I want to mention that we all are completely aware of our face body and features but still every day we want to see the mirror, counsellors also like a mirror for us. We may know everything about ourselves but still, we may need to accept and for that, we may require a counsellor like a mirror.


Our mind is puzzled with lots of question. If we solve one, another will be ready. Now we may think that why the only counsellor at home only we can talk to someone or friends can be a good counsellor. Yes, they may but everyone even you also don’t want to open each page of life with someone you know very well because your emotion can be your weakness and you don’t want to be a week in front of your own people. Their counsellors can play are the role of being non-judgemental and keep your secrets confidential. With the counsellor, you may feel your space and you don’t have to think that what they will think about you. You can feel free to express your emotion and issues which are bothering you.


Encourage Loved One to Seek Mental Help

Nothing wrong to seek advice or help if you need it. We are social person once in a while we all need somewhere, someone it doesn’t show that you aren’t capable enough to handle your issues. It just matter of time sometimes others required you today you require someone. 


I am no one who can force anyone to seek help or advice. many people may handle their own problems by themselves. It’s always good and we should try also, but if you are struggling for something or something is bothering you troubling you, please consult an expert which may guide you. After that also choice will be yours that what you want to do you want to follow or you may decide something but at least you may have an option and I feel nothing wrong in listening.


So if you also feel that you are juggling with something, please feel free to talk to an expert Or Counsellor while doing this you can support and encourage yourself. This could be very mature and practical decision.



You only a person who can make yourself happy.


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