Signs Your Partner Is Possessive? How to deal with Possessiveness in a Relationship

Signs Your Partner Is Possessive? How to deal with Possessiveness in a Relationship

Is it Love? Or Possessiveness. Signs Your Partner Is Possessive? How to deal with Possessiveness in a Relationship

Love is the purest feeling in the world. It is boundless, whereas many boundaries are linked with possessiveness. In other words, love makes a person free, and possessiveness feels like being caught and suffocated, not just to another partner, but also the person who is being possessive is caught in his or her restricted thoughts which definitely doesn’t feel happy. 

Possessiveness in any relationship is a strong desire to control the person according to his or her wish and to restrict the person for themselves. You label the person as just yours and it feels bad when the person gives attention or love to somebody else as well as the extra attention or love is being given to him or her by somebody else. Possessiveness leads to disputes, miscommunication, misunderstanding, insecurities, and most other unlikely feelings and outcomes in a relationship. 

You feel good to see a flower blossom similarly love is happiness in your partner’s happiness. This meaning of Love is somewhere lost in today’s world. The Indian film industry or Bollywood has changed the definition of love and many people misunderstand possessiveness with love. Some partners complain that if their partner is not possessive means they don’t care about them.

Why one feels possessive? What causes possessiveness in a relationship

A person feels possessive, when he or she feels incomplete inside, there is the insecurity of losing someone dear to us, lack of self-confidence or due to social or cultural influence. It can also be because one assumes that they are well-wishers of their partners and want to protect them from any harm. When a person is hollow inside, he or she tries to fill that void with the presence of a partner and by controlling them in many ways, it could be a restriction to talk to him/her, not meet anybody else, not to talk to any other opposite gender friend much, wanting them to do things their way. 

Signs You Are In A Possessive Relationship
-If your partner is controlling your actions which hinders your growth.

-If your partner frequently reads your chat with another opposite gender. 

-If they keep track on your activities more than enough that it feels suffocating. 

-If they stop you from making friends, going to parties, and letting you enjoy what you really want to enjoy.

-If they feel jealous and complaint when you enjoy the company of others also apart from your partner. 

How to overcome possessiveness in a relationship
-You can express to your partner that how does it feel to you when they are over-possessive and control their actions. When you express yourself refrain from using such phrases which directly put blame on them that might lead to fights or arguments then a healthy communication. 

-If you think you are a possessive partner, acknowledge the fact that another person is also a human like you. Try to empathize with them that they need freedom in their life exactly the way you would like. Imagine how you would feel if someone controls your freedom and choices exactly the way you do. 

-Develop trust in your relationship. 

-Find out the ways to nurture your own self and provide love to yourself more than you would want to love your partner. 

-Be flexible and acceptable if your partner has different opinions, desires, and wants. 

-Show understanding and appreciate their individual choices and growth. 

-Be available to support them if they fall, but allow them the freedom to walk through their wishes the way they want and have faith in their abilities. 


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