How to deal with lack of privacy & personal space at home

How to deal with lack of privacy & personal space at home

Before we talk about privacy at home, we need to be clear that what type of family you belong to such as joint family or nuclear (Small family). When we stay in a joint family there all the family members’ sharer one kind of understanding relationship among each other but usually when so many people stay together, their privacy can be one of the issues and that can impact on a person’s relationship. Here you also should be clear about your own understanding of privacy and which way you are not getting space.

Is other family members are interfering in your personal space? Or because all are there you are not able to utilize your space? A lack of privacy may cause lack of understanding and miscommunication etc. Privacy is a very important aspect of life where you share your time and happiness with your partner also without masking yourself but when we are in the family we may have to face certain privacy issues such as –


•        Lack of personal space and sharing.

•        When a couple spending less time together they may take more time to build a strong understanding.

•        It also impacts your self-esteem.

•        Lack of happiness or not able to feel or realize.


  How to deal with lack of privacy & personal space at home


•        If you are staying with family still you can take some time for yourself and go out.


•        You can have a small trip.

 How to deal with lack of personal space at home

•        First, every girl has to understand that after marriage her in-law’s house is her house also. You have the full right and a boy has to  understand that your partner is your responsibility so you have to give time to each other. You may have your room there you can maintain your privacy.


•        If you have two floors so you can manage to be with the family also and can create your own space.


•        If you feel the house is very small and you aren’t having your place at all then near your house you can take a small house. So you can fulfil your family and personal responsibilities.


•        If you both are working then after work you can have some personal time outside and later you can be with family too.


•        After dinner, you can go for a long drive or a small walk. That will help you to keep yourself healthy and both the partner can spend time together.



If you are staying with family, still with both partners understanding they can create their own space and plan a separate time for yourself. Yes it may take some effort or planning but slowly you will become use too.

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