FAQs: How to deal with breakup while preparing for UPSC Exam

FAQs: How to deal with breakup while preparing for UPSC Exam

I had a break up and I am preparing for the UPSC exam. How to deal with depression and anxiety after a break up?


First, you should be aware that how much the relationship & break up was impacted you & what place you had for that. Every situation may react differently with different people.

I can understand that once you start loving someone or start leaving for someone it is very hard to accept that now the person is not there for you. I know immediately you can’t come out of this pain but you need to focus on your future. Somewhere you need to accept the reality that how strong your relation would’ve but now whatever reason you are not together. She/he has also moved on without you in their life so it is better to focus on your examination and career because this is the reality that without anyone, life isn’t going to stop. It may difficult for some time but always this situation will not be the same.

Now is the time where you just try to focus on your study and career because after sometimes opportunity may not be same. I can completely empathize with you but you need to think about the practical aspects of life. Try to do some meditation that will help you to keep your mind calm. Try to avoid being alone in the room apart from your study. Be with the friends who motivate you and you feel supportive by being with them.

Think about your family who has lots of dreams about your future. In this situation, you may not want to study for yourself but think about the parents who have been struggling in some or other ways to settle your life.

Do the relaxation twice a day or accordingly, it will help you to be calm. Still, if you feel it’s not working then seek advice from professionals or counsellor. There you may get the space to ventilate your feelings. Once we are overloaded we need to understand it just like when a glass is full but still, we want to put something in the glass first we need to empty the glass then only we can put something. Same way when your mind is full of tension or negative thoughts first you need to find a way to ventilate and relax.

And always remember in life we shouldn’t be scared of rejection. We can’t force someone to be in your life. The relationship is just part of life it’s not your complete life. Just need to change your perspective. No one can be a director of your life. If any relation which was not making both partner happy or satisfied than better to move on. Whole life you can’t carry a relationship without commitment and compatibility and somewhere lacking all could be a cause of the break up.

So don’t leave the hope life has not stopped. Still, you need to do much more for you and your loved one who wants to see you happy. Your happiness is everything for them. So once again start leaving your life for yourself and once you are determined to do something nothing is impossible it may difficult, but trust on yourself you can. 

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