I Masturbate around 3-4 times in a day. is it normal?

I Masturbate around 3-4 times in a day. is it normal?

I masturbate around 3 times a day, is it normal? I want to reduce the frequency of Masturbation but how?


Masturbation is a normal sexual activity that many individuals perform usually in the absence of their intimate partner to satisfy their sexual urges. Studies concluded that people of all age groups do masturbation. It is more frequent in young adults because of the absence of a sexual partner, physiological development. It is also more frequently observed in elderly people again because of limited contacts. 

Doing masturbation is normal. No need to be ashamed about it. Everyone does it at some point of time in their lives. However, the frequency of masturbation varies from individual to individual. Some do it more often than others. The question here is what frequency is normal? 

The frequency is not an issue in masturbation. There is no minimum or maximum range of doing masturbation as it varies from person to person. Some have more sexual urges than others so they want it more frequently. Some prefer it more as performance anxiety reduces in the case of masturbation and also it can be done at their convenience. No external factor is needed during masturbation. However, masturbation becomes a problem in the following cases:- 


  • It is a compulsive act. 
  • It is fixated in the mind of the individual that if they masturbate 3 to 4 or more times in a day then only they will feel satisfied otherwise they kept feeling that they want to have it more and not feel satisfied. In other words, it is a mandatory ritual to be performed every day to feel satisfied. 
  • Prefer masturbation even when the intimate partner is around and there is a possibility of getting physically involved with the partner. 
  • The constant thought of masturbation is impacting their occupational, personal and social life. For example – the person starts isolating himself, stop going to a social gathering, or avoids official work then it is surely a concern 
  • It negatively impacts their emotional wellbeing. For example – feeling guilty after masturbation and not enjoying the process.
  • In some rare cases it might cause skin irritation, or swelling in the penis. 


Let’s discuss few ways to reduce it? 

How to Stop a Masturbation Addiction

Some of the techniques to stop masturbation if it has become a source of the problem


Avoid Pornography – Watching pornography triggers the urge to practice masturbation. Do not go on pornographic websites or watch pornographic images and videos. It’s not easy to break this habit but you can use technology for that. You can use such electronic devices which block pornographic material and not allow you to access it. Once you block it, it will take time to unblock it and during this gap, you will learn to control your impulses. 


Refocus your energy – Identify a hobby and practice it to release the energy. Replace the time spend on masturbation with some other interesting hobby of yours. 


Socialize – Instead of avoiding others and isolating oneself, spend time with others. It will help to refocus your energy and obviously will lower down your chance to masturbate. 


Masturbation is normal. However if it is hampering your personal, social and occupational life then it’s important to work on this habit. If the above recommendations don’t seem to be effective, it’s important to consult a therapist.



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