What Is Anticipatory Anxiety? How can I stop worrying about the future?

What Is Anticipatory Anxiety? How can I stop worrying about the future?

Anticipatory anxiety is related to the future. Here a person becomes very anxious or restless about the event which they may or may not have to face in the future. Anticipatory anxiety can be observed in many common anxiety conditions. In this situation or state of mind, a person finds it very difficult to be in the present state of mind or the present situation. Here basically a person will also not know the relation of being anxious and it will be an unpredictable and confuse state.

If you want to deal with Anticipatory anxiety then before think about the treatment understand what is happening to you? What changes have you or others are noticing in your behavior?  Do you think being worry about anything is worth it in a value situation or is this tension is a positive in favor of motivation and making you restless? To get all these answers you need to focus on the symptoms of anticipating anxiety.


Symptoms of Anticipatory anxiety


  • Over talkativeness
  • Lack of attention and concentration
  • Feel heaviness in chest
  • Feeling restless, tensed and worried
  • Weakness or Upset stomach
  • Muscle uneasiness
  • Sleep disturbance 
  • Preoccupancy
  • Feelings of apprehension
  • Changes in appetite
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath

how to control anticipatory anxiety

How To Control Anticipatory Anxiety

  • Once you are aware of your thought pattern. It becomes easy to focus and change them. You also need to focus on that is this state of mind-affecting your day-to-day activities. Which time you feel more anxious or tensed. You have to make a decision that are you able to manage, if No you can always consult an expert. They can help you to develop certain coping strategies to overcome your problems.
  • You also can take time off your relation that can be anything such as morning walk, deep berating, jogging exercise, watching a movie, or listening to the song it can be anything based on your interest.
  • You can support yourself while challenging the situation. Here you need to evaluate your anxiety and real situation then you need can take the help of self-actualization. You can face your fear. Still, we should not forget if we are in a state where we are juggling with multiple thoughts we may not able to support our self. There you always can take help from others. They can be your friend and family anyone with whom you feel comfortable and share a better understanding.
  • Try to reframe your cognitive (Thinking) process. Try to change your perception towards any situation, person, and about your surroundings. Each situation has both aspects positive or negative. All is a matter of which perspective you have taken it. Small changes in your thoughts can create a big difference in your life.

Just don’t worry, give some time to yourself and try to be at present or you can set a small goal to achieve will make you busy and satisfied. Nothing in this world which can’t overcome.


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