How to Avoid Stress & Burnout when Working from Home

How to Avoid Stress & Burnout when Working from Home

Tips for Managing the Burnout & Stress of Working at Home 

Today’s as we all are going through a very difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this situation, we all know that the whole world is leaving a stressful life. Social communication and interaction have been limited but same time our technology has taken a place. Almost all the industries started working from home. All the workers got the chance to work from home. It has worked very effectively too, even employers also are very satisfied that they don’t have to rush and they can spend more time with their family members especially though have small children’s at home, but here the question comes is it so easy? This question is very complicated.

How we can overcome from stress & burnout while working from home before to have an understanding about this first we should be aware that what happens, that becomes stress and tension.

Causes of Stress & Burnout when Working from Home


•       While working from home sometimes we forget to take our own time. We feel we are working from home only so we can work anytime.

•       Sometimes we aren’t able to say no to any work & we become overburden. 

•       Lack of professionalism.

•       No time limits.

•       Postpone the work.

•       We may find it difficult to maintain a balance between professional and personal space.


psychological ways for Managing the Burnout


These some reason or it can be many more which can cause the stressful or burnout situation, but if we focus on certain aspects it will be very easy to get over from this tension. Now I understood again the question comes How……..?

Tips of Avoiding Stress & Burnout when Working from Home

•       Fix your working hours.

•       Don’t compromise with your personal space.

•       Take time out from your office.

•       Give fruitful time with your family. Sometimes being just physically present may not be your family’s requirement be mental and emotionally also with them.

•       After working hours don’t talk about your work.

•       Plan for recreation or party time with your family.

•       Take out your rest time.

•       Decide your professional space where while working from home also you should create a particular place where you can work and once you are done you can leave that place.

•       Avoid working in the bedroom.

•       Sometimes you need to assertive and always understand noting wrong to say no if it’s required either in the family or in the workplace.

•       In between family and office always understand never ignore yourself. Take some time and do what you feel like to do.

•       Try to keep connected with the people who motivate you and have a positive attitude towards the like.

•       Please ask for a week off that will be the biggest psychological relief.

If you take certain precautions. You can haply keep the balance between your personal and professional life and that will help you to deal with work stress and burden.


Burnout is a way of telling you that your form of activism was perhaps not very full circle. Gloria Steinem



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