Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Loneliness. How therapy helps me to overcome loneliness?

Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Loneliness. How therapy helps me to overcome loneliness?

A human is a socialized person. In this world, no one wants to be alone. Still many of us feel alone even when we are in-crowd. Actually, we should understand the meaning of loneliness that is a feeling which makes a person feel sad, low, lack of motivation, meaningless life, no hope, no growth, and these all or some of them persist for a long duration. But we should work on it and try to find out the reason behind of loneliness because it’s has been differently perceived by each person differently. 

So let’s thinks about what makes you alone-

•           I am alone because no one is there?

•           I am alone because everyone is there but no one understands me?

•           I am alone because whoever is here I don’t connect to them?

•           I am alone because no one connects to me?

•           I am alone but I don’t know why I am alone?

Once you try to find out the answer to all these questions you only will understand what you need or what you expect from your own self.

Sign and symptoms of loneliness:

         Avoid gathering

         Keep yourself isolated

         Lack of interest or motivation

         Lase appetite or sometimes more

         Poor self- esteem

         Negative feeling

         No best friend

         No close relationship in family or peer group


How therapy helps me to overcome loneliness?


Now the question comes that in some or multiple times in life one or another way we all feel alone but now we need to understand that do we need treatment or therapy for that. Yes, my friends some point of time we all feel loneliness but once it’s start affecting your life we should seek advice from a therapist that can really help you and prevent you from future difficulties which lead to in a way of Depression, Anxiety disorder, etc.

In therapy, a therapist tries to help you to reason out of your problems. They may help you to find alternatives to your problems and the client and therapist relationship is a professional relationship where you will be able to express your feeling which indirectly will make you feel light that someone is there for you. You are not alone.

Therapists will not be judgmental towards their clients. Your talk will be confidential that will give you the confidence to get aware of your original feelings and thoughts. 

Therapists can support a person while motivating a person to get engaged in some fruitful activities. Sometimes alone it may difficult but we should always remember that any change will completely depend on the person who wants to bring a change. Alone a therapist can’t make any change because a person should be ready to accept and ready to change.

“It says if we want we can do anything but to avoid always a thousand reasons are there”. 

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