How do I handle a girlfriend with mood swings?

How do I handle a girlfriend with mood swings?

Mood swings are quite normal in girls. Most of the girls like being emotional. They are more sensitive in comparison to men. A woman can be emotionally stable at her workplace but in her intimate relationships, she is usually emotional. A girlfriend displays mood swings in front of their boyfriends simply to test their partner’s emotional strength.

Here are some signs which show your girlfriend displays mood swings

  • She might love you for a moment and then the other moment she starts finding faults in you.
  • She might be good with you for a minute and the next minute starts showing tantrums
  • Sometimes she becomes happy with some of your habits and sometimes she gets annoyed with the same habits

If you observe these behaviour patterns in your girlfriend then she has mood swings because of which you might struggle in maintaining the relationship and keeping your girlfriend happy.

Here are some ways to handle your girlfriend with mood swings.

  • Be calm when your girlfriend when she throws tantrums on you – If you lose your emotional control when your girlfriend throws tantrum on you then in response to it she feels less attracted towards you. She perceives that you are not strong enough to handle her in her difficult times. If you do the opposite and stay calm and listen to her and try to understand her, she will respect you more and feel that you are masculine enough to handle her.
  • Don’t try to fix her problems – When your girlfriend is sharing a problem with you so just listen to her patiently. She just wants to share her problem with you so that she can share with you that how is she feeling at the present moment. This will calm her down. She already knows the solution to it and doesn’t want a solution from you. This usually happens with a feminine woman.
  • You can also crack jocks, make her laugh through your humour or tickle her to make her feel good
  • You can also act as if you are angry at her for a moment, and observe her expressions. When you realize that she is surprised by your reaction start laughing loudly and simply keeps staring at her with a smile. This will surely make her feel good.
  • You can also just leave the room after the heated discussion without giving any expression. Don’t even say goodbye or something. You just need to leave the room blankly. She will surely follow you to ask for an explanation and when she approaches you, just give a big smile to her and quickly hug her.

To make your relationship healthy and alive, you need to understand your girlfriend’s emotional needs as they always look for someone who can handle their emotions properly.

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