Free Suicidal Counselling online in India | Suicide Prevention Helplines

Free Suicidal Counselling online in India | Suicide Prevention Helplines

Suicidal thoughts are not so uncommon these days. It’s very important to know where to go when stuck with suicidal thoughts. It’s very important to consult professionals during such a critical time. Here are some of the free online platforms for suicidal counselling

Free Telephonic Suicidal counselling online in India – Suicide Prevention Helplines



Roshni is a suicide intervention centre in Hyderabad. The volunteers working in Roshni undergo intensive training. Their training makes them competent to deal with the emotional turmoil of the individuals. They are effective in supporting the individual in their distressed state. You can connect with Roshni at (+914) 066202000.They work from Monday to Saturday. 

You can contact them between 11 am to 9 pm. Even if you are not in Hyderabad, then also you can call them and connect with them for free telephonic Suicidal counselling. 


Arpita foundation

Arpita foundation is a non-profit organization. It’s located in Bangalore. You can connect with them from any part of the country by just dialling +91 8023655557/ 8023656667. They can also be contacted through email. Their email id is [email protected]. They have licensed professionals who provide professional counselling and guidance to the people in crisis. Their professionals are capable of resolving different kinds of personal and psychological problems. 

Their professionals are well versed in multiple languages like Hindi, English. Tamil, telugu, Konkani, Malayam, Tami, Urdu, Bengali, Assamese. 


free Telephonic Suicidal counselling


COOJ Mental health foundation

COOJ Mental health foundation has been working since 2013. The helpline number is +91 98225 62522. Since 2013, this organization has helped many individuals to cope with their stressful and distressed state. They have highly qualified professionals. This helpline is working during weekends. The timings to connect with the organization are 3 pm to 7 pm.


Sneha Foundation

Sneha Foundation in India is working 24X7 to help people in a depressed state. The professionals in Sneha Foundation provide unconditional emotional support to individuals in a suicidal or desperate state. They provide them empathy and warmth required at such a critical moment and ensures that the people calling in distress state don’t feel lonely after the call and their situation improves. 

You can connect with the professionals of Sneha Foundation for online Suicidal counselling by dialling (914) 424640050.


Vandrevala Foundation

The professionals in Vandrevala Foundation work day and night for the wellbeing of people. They are available on WhatsApp from +1 256 666 2142. You can also connect with them overcall. Their calling number is +91 9999 666 555. 

You can mail them as well at [email protected] will reply within 48 hours. They have multilingual counsellors which can speak almost all Indian languages. Their counsellors are full-time employees as well as reliable and qualified professionals. 



Aasra is also a free online suicidal counselling platform for emotional crisis situations, mental illness issues, and suicidal ideation. They have professionally trained and skilled volunteers who have undergo training to  start dealing with clients. 

Aasra Helpline Number+91-9820466726


It’s very important to speak out when you are having depressive symptoms before it gets too late. Start noticing your mood. If you are feeling sad most of the time and experiencing loos of interest in previously enjoyed activities then it is a warning sign. Act before it gets too late. 

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