Does the age gap matter in a Marriage In India?

Does the age gap matter in a Marriage In India?

Does the age gap matter in a relationship? How much the age difference is acceptable for marriage in India?


If we are talking about the age gap in the relationship then first we need to be clear that what kind of relationship are we talking about? Either we are talking about just a relationship or marriage? Because many times a person may be in the relationship but that couldn’t turn to marriage. In Relationships usually, people may or may not be so age concern but when it’s come to marriage yes in India especially in the lower and middle- class family it matters a lot. 

Now a days our society and community have become very advance we are following western culture also but still when it’s some to marriage people have their views.


Here we can’t ignore important aspects of marriage which are related to gender. In India, the costume of marriage believes that girls become early mature or due to some biological and hormonal changes they start looking older than their age. To reduce all these clashes, family or a male partner want a girl younger than them. 

If it’s the opposite like, the boy is younger to a girl usually family doesn’t accept it, as they feel it may cause future complication such as – Complicity between the partners or dissatisfaction, inferiority, etc.


Ultimately, marriages aren’t dependent on age. It is more favorable of partner’s compatibility, understanding, and support than I think noting matters. As I mentioned that we are also developing in terms of thinking, now day’s families and youngsters are becoming more career-oriented and future-oriented. There they want a partner who can just not be a partner in their house, she/he can be a partner in each and everything even in a social gathering, profession, etc. 

In this condition, age doesn’t matter but that also we can’t deny with Indian families or peoples mentality that in general, they do consider girls should be at least 2-3 years younger than boy or more younger girls are accepted but still have a controversy between younger boys get Mary to an elder girl.


If we consider our Indian law of marriage their also we can see that girls’ age of marriage is 18 years and 21 consider for boys.


Marriage or relationship isn’t dependent on any one thing in life. In Indian marriage consider a relationship between two families which includes lots of other aspects of life as well. At last, everything depends on the two people who have to be for each other. 

if they feel they are more compatible and their temperament matches with each other then age doesn’t matter either whoever will be younger or elder. Age is just a number.

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