Counsellor near me| Counselling Psychologist near me | Clinical Psychologist near me

Counsellor near me| Counselling Psychologist near me | Clinical Psychologist near me

If you are looking for a nearby psychologist, counsellors or psychiatrist then I may assume that you are trying to get counselling sessions, guidance or psychotherapy for yourself or your loved one or you are trying to suggest the best counselling services to the person who is in desperate need. Hoping that everything near your surrounding is fine including you, and may this article can help you to locate nearby counsellors or psychotherapists and clear your doubts regarding various aspects about the therapist, Counselling Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist and the therapeutic qualifications in physical as well as in online mode.

I would like to appreciate the courage that you came across for getting the help of a mental health professional because as you know it takes so much courage to go out and tell people that you are facing some kind of mental health issues especially in a society which still neglects mental issues and consider mental illness as taboo. In most of the society and culture, people are getting attached by the stigma of having a mental illness or they are treated differently among the people within the society so it takes immense guts to realise that you are facing a mental disorder, you will be glad to know that most of the mental illnesses are treatable depending upon their early diagnosis and their severity.

If anyone facing psychological, emotional, behavioural, and even social problems depending upon the type of problem and severity they can easily visit a psychologist, counsellors, psychiatrist or a psychotherapist, I am sure you will get the best advice from these experts of mental health and if needed they can use therapies to uplift your mental health condition and bring you back on track of healthy living.


How you can find a psychologist near you

For getting mental health assistance you can locate nearby mental health professionals whether psychologist or a counsellor or a psychiatrist but always keep in mind certain factors before selecting a mental health professional, frankly speaking, you need to keep in mind what kind of help you want, what are your needs, how severe is your condition or problem and what are your expectations from your mental health professional. 

So, identifying your personal needs and problems can help your inner reflection to find the best person suits for your assistance. If you are very much aware of the difference between a clinical psychologist and a counsellor then that’s amazing, this will help you in finding the right mental health professional for you but here I would like to make you understand the basic difference between the clinical psychologist and the counsellor.


Clinical psychologist VS counsellor

American psychological association talks about the distinction between mental disorders in terms of neurotic and psychotic cases. A counsellor can assist only interms of less severe cases or in the neurotic type of cases in which people face more likely emotional or behaviour problems but they have insight into their problems. Counsellors have some degree of expertise in providing therapies that are less complex to conduct, they heavily rely on ‘talk therapy’ which means they will discuss your problem, analyze your problem and try to help you by working with you on the issues which you are facing. 

On the other hand, clinical psychologist are experts who can deal with more severe clients or you can say psychotic patients, they can provide therapies, suggestive counselling and in few countries they also provide medicines. They deal with patients who have less insight into their problems and unaware of their surrounding world. Both counsellors and clinical psychologist are registered mental health professional from their governmental institutional bodies.

Psychologist near me


It’s hard to say who charge more or less because it is more often dependent upon your severity and the duration you need to recover and the number of sessions you will go through so,  it’s important that in the initial session you need to get a clear idea from the therapist that how much sessions you need to get recover from your present situation, I know that there is no fix session because some people recover early some take time but still you need to ask this question. After all, anyhow the money has to go from your pocket and if it’s high then the expenditure of money will become another mental health issue for you. 

Especially in severe cases or the cases in which you need more sessions, try to reach the public health services otherwise in fewer server cases you can go for affordable in-person therapy. If you feel that in-person therapy is also costly then you can also check online counselling or therapy they are generally less costly than in-person therapy.


Every psychologist or counsellor is not an all-rounder they have specific expertise in their area of concern so before going to therapy or counselling you need to check what kind of assistance you need whether it’s anxiety, depression, stress or you are facing severe trauma and unable to cope up. Whether you are looking therapist for a child or for an adult or a person who is old.

So you must include your criteria and needs before visiting or contacting a psychologist in less severe cases and in cases where you don’t know what’s going on in severe cases then you should first consult a psychiatrist then he or she will guide you in a better way.


Online therapy or online counseling options

In recent times due to the advancement in technology and useful applications you can directly contact the counsellors and clinical psychologist in online mode or online sessions, online counseling sessions are more affordable and easy to conduct without going to the clinic or hospital especially in situations where you are running out of time or need immediate assistance. Online therapies and counselling sessions are equally effective and bring positive changes within the person as in-person therapy. 

In online therapy, you have the leisure of being within the home and take positive steps to boost your mental health and get rid of your problems, although your home is the sweetest home and your comfort matters a lot to a psychologist.


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