Coaching vs therapy vs consulting. What's The Difference? Which is better for me?

Coaching vs therapy vs consulting. What's The Difference? Which is better for me?

When you are looking to repair certain aspects of your life or when you are struggling with handling emotional turmoil it’s important to consult a professional but it’s confusing to choose among different professionals. If you understand the general services offered by different professionals then this confusion can be resolved quickly.

Coaching is a relatively new helping service developed. As it is relatively a new service so no proper guidelines are laid for the professionals. There are no licensing laws for professionals in the coaching industry. Coaching does not have any legal definition till now hence it is recommended that instead of consulting coaches; you must consult a licensed mental health professional who also has experience in coaching and a certificate for the same.

The best part is that coaching is a service with which no stigma is attached. You go to the coaches when you feel stuck in your life and want to transform yourself so that you can grow in your life.

Coaching enables you to set your goals. Through the coaching process, you get empowered to achieve all your goals. Coaches with their focused and helpful questions help you to discover the hindrance in your goals and assist you throughout in achieving them. Coaches make you realize your strengths and weaknesses. They make you understand the opportunities in your life. They help you discover your life challenges because of which you are not able to achieve your goals.

You need to go to a consultant when you want to resolve a specific problem in your life. You are finding it difficult to resolve it yourself and you need the advice and knowledge of a professional then you look for consulting. Consulting is usually a short-term process. Consultants can work with an individual, group. Organizations also hire consultants when they want to resolve a specific issue occurring in an organization like the poor motivation level of employees during work from home. Teaching and training occasionally happens during consulting

Difference between Coaching vs therapy vs consulting

Therapists have the solution to all your problem and they are licensed professionals. They have studied human behavior deeply. They have learned research-based different types of therapies to help individuals overcome their different problems. Whenever you have any kind of behavioral problem like anger issues, feeling depression, poor motivation levels, going through emotional turmoil etc. then a therapist is recommended. It is usually a longer process.

The therapist takes the detailed case history of the clients. They try to understand the causal factors behind the behavior so that they can work on them with their therapies and expertise.

You have to be very specific about your problem or issues to take this decision. In short, if you need transformation in your life and struggling with achieving your goals then you go for coaching. If you have only one specific problem to be worked on then you go for consulting and finally when you are going through some very difficult time and having stressanxiety, etc then go for a therapist.


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