It is the hardest part of life when you suffer mentally that just hurts you in a million ways that one cannot even imagine. On the other hand, I am happy that there is a way to beat mental suffering and that is a psychologist, actually the best psychologist. I met with the best clinical psychologist through Manochikitsa. It is an online counselling website and that is too affordable. I was hopeless to see my health as I was neither physically well nor mentally. I explained to my psychologist what I used to feel and show symptoms at that time. I had anxiety as per the psychological assessment. I had never been supported by my husband and I was like a machine who just worked and didn’t have any feeling, wish, or desire. It was irritating me a lot. The person whom I married didn’t even pay attention to me. I didn’t know what he wanted. I was happy with my 6 years old daughter but I wanted to be loved and I wanted my husband to love me, to respect me, and care for me. Talking to my psychologist eased my pain and suffering. I learned to accept as it was and stayed happy with that. I started to live my life happily with my daughter who was my strength. I am extremely thankful for having the support of Manochikitsa who gave me the best psychologist and guided me very well towards the shining future.



Anushka Seth