Online Psychotherapy Counselling

Online Psychotherapy Counselling

Best Online Psychotherapy Counselling: Get Help From Professional Therapists

What is online psychotherapy

Online psychotherapy refers to any psychological treatment that employs the Internet as a primary or significant source of communication between the therapist and the client. In the world of growing technology, the field of mental health has also adopted the use of technology in providing benefits to people suffering from mental health issues.

online psychotherapy has multiple names like Tele counseling, teletherapy, e-counseling, e-therapy, web counseling, web therapy, cybertheory, and counseling depending upon the mode of proving it. Usually in online therapy, the online therapist provides the services via chat, text, multimedia mode such as video conferencing by using internet connectivity.

Despite having some limitations online psychotherapy are getting popular now and it’s becoming an important and effective tool for providing help to a larger number of people. Clients who may be especially well served through the use of online counselling and therapy are those who

(a) are geographically isolated,

(b) are physically disabled,

(c) would ordinarily not seek therapy, and

(d) are more prone to writing than speaking.

Modes of online psychotherapy


This mode is very helpful for people who are shy, introverted, and more prone to writing than speaking, so in this mode of counseling you can take suggestions and ask the expert about your mental health condition via texting on social networks sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other application which can connect you to the therapist and let you express what problems you are facing. Among the other modes of online psychotherapy and counselling, this way of counseling is least effective because sometimes people don’t project their true emotions or you can say that words have their limitations. But for initial sessions, this is suitable and effective to initiate the process of therapy.

 Phone calls:

This mode of counseling is also for shy and introverted people who don’t want to come Infront and show their face but want to communicate and seek help via listening to the suggestion of an online counselor or therapist, this mode is better than texting one and as you know there is a difference in one minute of speaking and writing, this mode is also called as telephonic therapy or counseling. In this mode of counseling, you don’t require internet connectivity which makes this feasible for a greater number of people.

Video call:

This mode of counseling requires internet connectivity and at least a good quality web or phone camera. This is almost equal to face-to-face communication and counselling; in all the online mode this mode is very effective and productive. This mode is also referred to as therapy via videoconferencing.

Techniques used in online psychotherapy

Online psychotherapy or counseling has the advantage of connecting to mental health professionals via email, text, phone call, or videoconferencing while sitting in your comfortable home, online therapies do not have specific or new techniques but in online therapy the therapists administrator the traditional therapies in a refined and unique manner so that it can match with the mode of administration. 

In online counselling we don’t go for complex therapies which cannot be easily understood by the client, so as being online therapist we use the phrase ‘ keep it short and simple which may bring greater and effective changes within the client, if issues of clients are complex and we can’t conduct in online mode then we go for physical examination of mental health status and physically start the therapy or we go for referral but this happens after a couple of sessions.

The widely used techniques by online therapists are:

1. Active listening.

2. Behavioral modification.

3. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

4. Though stopping.

5. Cognitive restructuring.

6. Mental health assessment

7. Suggestive techniques.

8. Self-disclosure.

9. Reality check

10. Group and couple therapy

Benefits of Online psychotherapy

Online psychotherapy is useful and effective in the treatment and management of anxiety, stress, career issues, relationship issues, drug abuse, and use, mood disorders and suicide prevention, resolving work-life conflicts, and many other issues that significantly impact the well-being of a person. Online therapy have some advantages over physical therapies, some of them are:


Online psychotherapy are affordable and available at less cost so that a greater number of people can reach the counselors or therapists and can get benefits to improve their mental health and well-being. On average where face to face counseling or therapist will cost you 1500-5000 rupees per session online therapy and counseling will cost you 500-800 rupees per session.


You can access the help of the best mental health professionals from your home this provides the highest degree of comfort unless you have issues of space and environment in your home. Online therapy will save your time and energy in reaching the clinic and will help you in connecting directly to your therapist.


Online psychotherapy are equally effective as face-to-face therapies and bring positive and stable changes within the client.


Online therapies are flexible means there are no issues of fixed appointment, with mutual concern you and the therapist can decide a time where you both will be comfortable to talk and if you miss the appointment then you can reschedule it also.

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Techniques Used In Online Counselling For Anxiety

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Psychodynamic Therapies

Exposure Therapy

Relaxation Techniques

Emotion-Focused Therapy