From Anxiety to Ahh... Manage your stress & Anxiety with manochikitsa


From Anxiety to Ahh... Manage your stress & Anxiety with manochikitsa

Introduction to Free Webinar

Our  program designed to provide participants with systematic guidance in mindfulness meditation, yoga and basic application of psychotherapy, and in integrating into one’s daily life what is discovered and learned through the process of participating in the program.

Join the webinar If you::

  • Frequently focusing on the future, thinking/worrying about some possible future event(s), and/or thinking about events in the past and not able to pay attention to the present?
  • Feeling down, unable to concentrate on studies, not able to get motivated, poor concentration, feeling depressed?
  • Feeling anxious and stressed. Feeling tension for example in your chest, shoulders, back, tummy, etc. Feeling a sense of panic and/or dread.
  • Finding it difficult to go to sleep at night and/or wake up in the middle of the night?
  • Relationship stress/breakdown, conflict, communication difficulties, heightened levels of interpersonal stress?
The WEBINAR is divided into 2 parts: Click to Chat

Part I

In this part, our Certified Mindfulness coach will introduce you in practicing various types of mindfulness techniques  such as Sitting Meditation, Body Scan Meditation, Mindful Movement, Mindful Eating, Mindful Walking, Deep Breathing, Mental exercises , Yoga, Threat, Reactivity & Stress Management, The psychology of Mindfulness, Mindful Communication, Mindful Self-compassion etc

Part II

In this part participant will learn about psychology behind stress, anxiety and depression, the science of emotional regulation, Stress management and other psychological therapy. You will be learn how you see things will determine in large measure how you will react or respond to them.

Start improving your Inner harmony!

Learn to improve focus & elevate awareness

Learn to strengthen mental health

Learn self-healing via mindfulness

Learn to live a non judgmental life

Learn the Wave Breathing technique

Learn to be super productive at work


vandita sharma counselling psychologist

Vandita Sharma


Vandita Sharma is a psychologist who completed M. A. Psychology FROM University of Delhi. Her areas of expertise include Mindfulness based therapies, Person-centred therapy of Carl Rogers, , Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Integrative approaches


Devesh Sharma

Mindfulness coach

Devesh Sharma is a mindfulness coach and yoga trainer. He completed M.Sc.  (Yogic Science & Holistic health) From Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya and have QCI LEVEL 2 YOGA TEACHER Certification From Ministry Of AYUSH , (Government Of  India)

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