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Common issues in married life that creates the big difference

Have you ever thought about why marriage looks like a challenge?
Do you really think marriage is the hardest decision of life?
What can be the actual relevant reasons for dissolved marriages?
…and the list of such questions just goes on.
Marriage is such a beautiful relationship which consists of two different individuals who come together and marry each other. These two individuals can never be the same like the fingerprints and DNA can never be the same even of the twins. Such individual differences of both the partners are meant to be understood and accepted by a couple which helps them to make their bond stronger. A couple is supposed to compromise to make their marriage work efficiently.
We all must have heard this line “IT IS EASY TO SAY BUT HARD TO DO”. Despite sharing a good bond with benefits for their well-being, the relationship of a couple is never without challenges. Their issues put strain on the couple and it is strictly believed that working through them can either strengthen the bond they share or push them apart forever which completely depends on how effectively they make efforts to handle the challenges they have.


What separates happy marriages from miserable ones?

Two individuals marry each other, share good and bad times together, have physical relations, plan their baby, and have their family. In the process they often fight and sort out things later. Sometimes, it has been noticed that when couples age, they talk less and have sex less. They feel alone even when they are with their partners. Why does it happen? Why do couples lose their interest in each other? What actually separates a couple from their happy married life? Generally, couples go through various changes like:
  • They age and it is the major change they feel and they avoid the romantic part of their relationship which actually leads them to the stage where they lack communication.
  • They feel low or no sexual feelings towards each other.
  • They feel burdened with more responsibilities which keep them occupied.
  • They feel exhausted and tend to have some rest instead of spending the time with their partner.
  • They spend time with their children and other familial related matters.
  • All these things happen with most of the couples because they never focus on the problems in their relationship. If a couple tries to recognize the present problems in their relationship and is willing to take necessary steps to change their bad habits, they can surely fix the marriage and lead a happy life no matter if they are aging.  However, it takes two to make a marriage work. Therefore, if one spouse has his or her foot out the door, it can be difficult to fix a marriage.

    "Marriage doesn't make you happy, you make your marriage happy."

    The Secrets to Having a Happy Marriage


    What ruins the marriage?

    Marriage is ruined by various factors that include:

    Communication gap

    It is alone enough to make your marriage ruined. Lack of communication makes the couples part their ways as they do not find any interest in their relationship.


    Expectation often leads to unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Couples expect so many things from their partners but when they do not find their expectation getting fulfilled, they lose personal interest in their partners and have issues in marriage life until they fix them.

    Sex issues

    Lack of sexual feelings, no interest in having sex and high or low sexual feelings are some issues couples may experience in their relationship. Such issues can be the reason for ruined marriage.

    Controlling partner

    In a relationship, couples are supposed to support each other instead of controlling to show dominance over their partner. Controlling your partner can put your married life at risk.

    Criticizing partner

    Couples help each other not criticize, so this habit needs to be improved and eradicated as soon as possible to have a happy married life


    Life partners each other to grow and fulfil their ambitions. On the other hand, some couples create hurdles and obstacles for each other that can cause other troubles and ruin their relationship badly.

    In laws’ interferences

    Sometimes in-laws’ interferences hurt the sentiments of the couple and they feel hatred for each other and their family as well. They brought the families into their personal matters and hurt them emotionally.


    Extra marital affairs are another common reason for a ruined marriage where a dissatisfied partner seeks love outside of the marriage and fulfills the needs. There are various reasons for extra marital affairs but it is enough to end the marriage.

    Physical abuse

    Any intentional act that causes injury or trauma to a person by way of bodily contact is physical abuse. In most cases, women are victims but in some cases men are victims as well, for example the recent popular case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This factor is illegal and can put the abuser in jail that may result in damaging the marriage.

    Emotional infidelity

    Emotional affairs can be just as damaging to the marriage as physical affairs because they do not include any act related to adultery which is not enough for the spouse to have formed an emotional connection with another person. This can leave both the spouses mentally tortured. Thus a happy married life is ruined.

    "A happy marriage is a union of two good forgivers."

    Learn The Ways To Improve Your Marriage

     What to expect during a webinar

    An interactive session outlining the major components of a happily married life. Learning to understand your relationship as a couple and the focus of a happy marriage. Understanding of the common issues occuring in a marriage and how they adversely affect the relationship. Learning to recognize commitment issues and reasons behind them. Outline of unhealthy behaviours and toxic relationships. Learning healthy coping behaviours and trying to build a solid foundation in your relationship.

    About Psychologist

    Lisa Varun Shukla is a Counselling Psychologist and Life Coach who is trained in Family and Couples Therapy from Muktha Foundation. She has been working closely with couples for over many years as a Counsellor and helped them improve the quality of their relationship through therapy. She is also professionally trained in CBT, REBT, Suicide Prevention, NLP, ACT, Emotional Freedom Techniques among other Art therapies and Mindfulness Meditation .

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    "A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences."

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