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What can you expect from online counseling?

  • A Safe Place to be Heard about your problems and Emotions
  • A way to understand about self and distress
  • Someone who will listen you without blaming and judging.
  • Relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions
  • Validation of feelings and emotions
  • Increased skills in interpersonal communication and relationship.
  • An opportunity to explore practical solution of problems
  • Support and motivation.

Benefits of Online counseling


You can attend counseling sessions online in the comfort of your own home and schedule your sessions for times that are the most convenient for you.


All counselors are professionally qualified and fully accredited who have also undertaken additional, specialist training in telephone counseling.


Online counseling will give you the same results that going to a physical location will give you, but at a discounted rate. So save hard earn money and get affordable online counseling.


You can attend counseling sessions online in the comfort of your own home and schedule your sessions for times that are the most convenient for you.

How to Start Online counseling at Manochikitsa

1. Click On Book an Appointment.

2. Once you choose the Session date, fill the required form and do the payment to confirm your phone call counseling session.

3. You will be receiving call by the counselor as per your appointment time.

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We bring Emotional and Mental Wellness not only more accessible, but also more affordable and accountable to your needs.

Commonly Asked Questions about Online Counseling

Most frequent questions and answers

Counseling is a mutual relationship between Counselor and client in which the counselor expresses care and concern towards the client with a problem, and facilitates that person’s personal growth and brings about change through self-knowledge and therapy.

Online counseling is a type of counseling where the client and counselor speak on the telephone or video call, rather than meeting in person. It would typically involve all aspects of psychotherapy except that it would be offered using phone Call or video call.

Counseling facilitates self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and development, and the optimal development of the individual. It gives you the means to understand yourself, understand your feelings, and make yourself aware. It helps you to modify or replace irrational beliefs or maladaptive thought patterns associated with self-destructive behavior.

Your information is kept highly confidential and secure and will not be shared with anyone. We ensure your privacy and all the information will be kept confidential with your counselor. You can express yourself freely with full trust and openness. We provide you the platform to be your own true self without any masks and fear of judgment.

Depending on the Mode of the session, it can range from Rs 399 to 499 per session. For Phone Call Session it is 399 and For Video Call session it is 499 Per Hour.

We Provides Counseling Session in almost all Indian languages which include: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil. Telugu and Malayalam.

You Can Call or WhatsApp on 080762 99405 for an online enquiry to discuss how the Manochikitsa can provide counseling that meets your requirements.

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