Need to improve memory and control on self

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      Basically I want to improve my memory, many times I forgot many things, they would not come in my mind easily.
      As i’ m in sales department, I need to remember a lot of things to work. So it is much essential thing for me to improve my career.

      I don’t have much self control, I decided a lot of things to do but, when I came back from my office or when I have a free time. I gave excuses to myself that “I ‘m so tired now, after office it is hard to study anything new”, or ” let’s enjoy the weekend, tommorow onwards I’ll look on it”. I read lots of books on personal development, but still I think getting too much knowledge from different-2 sources, also shattered me.

      So how I can be just follow simple discipline?


      There is good news for you, memory can be improved at any stage of life. It depends more on your belief and perception of yourself towards your own memory and capabilities. For memory or self control first you have to understand that your life’s remote control is in your hands, if you say to yourself that you can get control on yourself then everything is possible. You yourself can only bring a positive change in your life. So get yourself determine what you want to do.

      For self control you have to learn how to manage you stress levels.

      # recognize all the bad thoughts, stop them at the time they come. Set time limit to think about something negative, then move towards the positive thinking.

      # List down what behaviour you would like to control and also list down what you need to be happy right now?

      # try to focus on your breath for 5 minutes daily, it do wonders.

      # find a healthy distractions, do the stuff you like n gives you happiness.

      # You can take small breaks between work, do meditation, go out in park, spend time with yourself, take proper sleep. this will let you know yourself better. you can have a great positive change by knowing yourself better.

      # Always remember and say to yourself that your behaviour is in your hands. “i can control it”

      A strong memory depends on the health and vitality of your brain.

      # Make your brain work out, you can download some apps which helps improve memory. By spending 10 to 15 minutes daily you can boost you memory.

      # Try to learn things by chunking or breaking information in parts. Try to link the information with some situations or objects which you have all the time in your mind or you are emotionally connected.

      # Improve your visualization skills- see a picture or read 1 page of book, then try to make that picture on a paper or recall what you have read, respectively.

      # You can take a news paper and search “the” in one minute. this will improve your attention and memory.

      # Before going to bed try to recall what have to done whole day, what have you eaten, what have you wore. This will make your brain neurons to get more active.

      # You can try jotting down your thoughts, experiences, conversation. you can track your activity and then you can organize it in a better way.

      # If you find some words to remember, repeat that word to yourself at least once.

      # Have a healthy physical health, do exercise daily, eat healthy food, sleep on time. Have a good laugh. All these things play a crucial role in your mental health. Do take care about it.

      You have to do honest promise to your self that you will take out at least 20 to 30  minutes for your own mental health to make your self better in all the ways.


      Have a cheerful day.

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