Lisa Shukla

Lisa Shukla

Position: Counseling Psychologist

Categories: Guidance and Counselling

Language: English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujrati

Location: Bengaluru

Phone: +91-8076299405

Lisa Shukla Profile

Lisa Varun Shukla is a sensitive, approchable and motivated counsellor with years of extensive experience in performing individual and group counselling. She has excellent listening, observational and communication skills. A Life and Positive Psychology Coach, NLP Practitioner who is passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves. She can take sessions in English, Hindi, Bengali and Gujrati. She believes in aiding people become the best versions of themselves and actively works towards them achieving it. She enjoys art, music, sketching and reading. She has worked as a volunteer with the Delhi Government Helpline during lockdown last year. She can take sessions for a variety of issues be it, stress and anxiety, Marriage Counseling, Couple Therapy, relationship/ family issues, academic /study related issues, adjustment issues, coping problems, self-esteem, body image, work related, procrastination, depression, suicidal ideation, etc.

Lisa Shukla Skills

  • Mental Health Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Family And Relationship Issues
  • Training + Education

  • M.Sc. Counselling Psychology From Christ University, Bengaluru, India
  • B.Sc. (H.Sc.) Human Development Honors From Smt. J.D.Birla College, Kolkata , India
  • Positive Psychology Coach and Life Coach (International Coach Federation accredited) from Inspiring Evolution
  • Gatekeeper Training Program on Prevention of Suicide from Muktha Foundation
  • Certified NLP Practitioner from Christ Consulting Group in collaboration with Mind masters , completed NLP Level 1 & 2
  • Mindful Meditation from Christ (Deemed to be University).
  • Family and Couples Therapy from Muktha Foundation.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques foundation course from Muktha Foundation.
  • Positive Psychology and Mindfulness, Understanding Grief and Loss and Geriatric Mental Health from Covid Response.
  • Covid 19 and Mental Health from American Psychiatric Association.
  • Experience

  • Working as a Counsellor in Christ Junior College, Bengaluru, India
  • Worked as Class Teacher, Co-Curricular activities In-charge and Trainer for G.E.S.E (Trinity College, London) in T.I.M.E School, Hyderabad
  • Worked as Coordinator and Class Teacher in La Martiniere for Boys School, Kolkata
  • Skills

    She can address variety of issues ranging from stress and anxiety, Marriage Counseling, Couple Therapy, relationship/ family issues, academic /study related issues, adjustment issues, coping problems, self-esteem, body image, work related, procrastination, depression, suicidal ideation etc.


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Gujrati
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    Manochikitsa Online Counseling & Therapy
    Average rating:  
     13 reviews
     by Sneha kaur

    It’s so easy to break a relationship within a few seconds or minutes but it takes a lot of effort to keep working on your broken or troubled relationship so that it can be saved. However, the latter was a little difficult because constructing something is always tougher than breaking something. I will gladly suggest to all the couples to keep trying to save your relationship.
    If you and your partner have issues then get them resolved in time and if you are unable to do that then involve a psychologist and do it again. I highly recommend Mrs. Lisa Shukla for online marriage counselling.
    Best of luck

     by Vidya Munshi

    Due to some familial issues, I was constantly feeling mentally unwell. It kept hurting me for almost 10 months. Life was completely boring, filled with negativity and unhappiness. I wasn’t happy and satisfied with my life. I felt low and not ready to deal with daily life issues as if I just gave up.
    Online counselling helped me a lot. I had sessions from Lisa Shukla mam who always put me at ease and assisted me to cope with the harsh situations I was going through. Lisa mam helped me in reducing all the mental health problems I was experiencing for months so effectively. I thank her a lot for bringing me back to life.

     by kanishka

    Lisa Shukla Mam is an outstanding online career counselor who is available at Manochikitsa. She became my support in the darkest hours. I was stressed because of my career and future. I had many thoughts running in my head which were making me uncomfortable to choose one single goal of my life.

    I easily deviated from the track and couldn't even think what to do next. I asked my mother for a career counselor so that I could discuss my issues with her/him. Because of my mother I was able to meet Lisa Mam. I never felt even for a second that I was on video call with her and it seemed a realistic scenario. She discussed everything in detail in such a subtle manner that made so relaxed and free minded. I was given the best consultation by her regarding my career growth. As during this phase everything was shattered but after meeting her I came to know the ways to fix up everything. .Today I am very happy and doing my best in my field and I thank her for the happiness that I am experiencing right now.

     by vivek sarkar

    Online counselling for anxiety treatment is a really helpful tool available on the website of Manochikitsa. There is a counselling psychologist Mrs. Lisa Shukla and she is the one who took me out of my anxiety and gave me a new life. I had been suffering from anxiety for more than two years and I was also visiting a clinic for my counselling session from a psychologist but she failed me many times. When I contacted Manochikitsa for my online counselling sessions I was not sure about it but I had a hope.
    I started my sessions with my counselor and I was observing everything how she was making me easy going for the sessions and making me comfortable so that I could share my issues with her. After the first session I was glad that I could discuss everything with her and she advised me accordingly. She made me out of my dilemma. She has really been very helpful to me. She proved herself as the best counselor.

     by Anupam mishra

    Sometimes couples go through some changes which were probably inevitable but they fail to manage the situations and then the situation starts bothering them. It is better to see the danger in the beginning and I suggest you connect with Mrs. Lisa Shukla for online marriage counselling. We both were always fighting with each other, and used to put blame on each other. We both were working people and thought we did not like each other's support. Our sexual life was affected and our relationship was cold. We were not even trying at all. A phase came when we felt the strong need of each other but we could not clear our issues. We took our online counselling sessions at Manochikitsa where they allotted us a counselling psychologist, Mrs. Lisa Shukla. She took it from there and handled the situation according to her. She really helped us to re-establish our relationship.
    I think the most crucial aspect of a counselor is their ability to listen, understand, and to give advice. She has all these abilities. She has played an important role in resolving our issues and has made us like a new married couple full of love and romance. I really appreciate her and this platform Manochikitsa.
    Thank you
    Warms regards

     by Rekha Bharadwaj

    We, my husband and I, have worked with our marriage counselor, Mrs. Lisa Shukla who is a counselling psychologist from Manochikitsa. She was able to form a great connection with us. Having some marriage problems between us, we had many issues in our relationship to be resolved. Only a counselor, basically a professional, could do this. So, we went for Manochikitsa. We both shared our very uncomfortable and overall negative experiences of our marriage with Mrs. Lisa. She also tried her best to give us clarity in the matter of our relationship issues. She is very knowledgeable and is adept in applying her knowledge in ways that really help.
    She has never made us feel judged and always ensured that she was getting deeper to understand our major concerns. She is incredibly pleasant and supportive and has always made everything so easy for us to understand and to talk about things that we could never share comfortably.
    I wholeheartedly recommend Manochikitsa and their counselors to anyone for marriage counselling. This platform is fully recommended.
    Thank you

     by Tarun Arora

    This hustle-bustle kind of life puts everyone in stress and people get affected mentally a lot. To control your stress you must master yourself in managing the stress. I have known Mrs. Lisa Shukla for the last two months when I registered myself there at Manochikitsa for the sessions of stress management. Being a businessman is always hectic and it is obvious that a person feels stressed all the time. I was stuck in stressful situations where I usually forgot about my own family and relations. I started my business a year ago so I could not manage my time and started taking a lot of stress. Mrs. Lisa helped me to manage my stress level. I have learned many useful skills from her and now I can do it by myself, like managing my own stress level. However stress remains present in all of us and it is quite normal but you have to control it before it controls you. Under the guidance of Mrs. Lisa you can better master the skills of stress management.
    Thank you

     by Neha

    Online counselling is not helpful to remove stress, depression, or anxiety but it also helps you to guide the right way. I was under the pressure of studies which put me into stress. I was helped by Mrs. Lisa Shukla who is a counselling psychologist at Manochikitsa. I had never been like that person but career tension was becoming a mess and my stress level was increasing day by day. I was studying under a high level of stress. Exams make a person stressed but in my case it was much more than normal level. I was in my final year of B.Tech and was more stressed about my future. I needed to study hard but that stress was unmanageable. I better understood that I should go for online counselling once so that I could get a permanent solution to my problem. Only five online counselling sessions were taken by me via video call. I learnt to manage stress and coping skills as well. I really find it useful to go to Manochikitsa for mental health issues.

     by Anvesha Gupta

    I have myself found Manochikitsa as the best website for online counselling. It provided me with a counselling psychologist for my counselling session. I had to take the sessions because of anxiety issues that I was experiencing then. My psychologist Mrs. Lisa Shukla offered me a wide variety of methods and tools to fight my own battle with my anxiety. Counselling sessions did not just help me in curing my anxiety but also showed me the ways to my success. I deviated and because of anxiety I became less confident and a kind of a rebellion. I easily lost my temper which always included me in a messy situations. I made many mistakes during that period but counselling by my psychologist cured me and made me a better person.
    Anxiety or any kind of mental illness makes a person nasty and quick to respond negatively. Professional help is considered in the matter of mental health concerns. I would like to suggest that you go for Manochikitsa and get the best results.

     by Shravni Jha

    Mrs. Lisa Shukla is the best marriage counsellor. If you are looking for a marriage counsellor to fix up marriage life issues then you better be connected with her by visiting Manochikitsa website. It is normal to have little problems in married life but the problem is when you do not sort out the problem in time. I started taking counselling sessions with my husband two months back. We have completed our sessions lately. We both are happy with the services provided by Manochikitsa. Our marriage counsellor, she is the best one because she managed everything in a systematic manner. She respected both the sides, my husband and mine and never judged anyone. She worked on the areas which were weak in our relationship. She helped in improving our conversation and making it comprehensive. Although our counsellor never told us which one was wrong, I or my husband but we both realized individually who was mistaken. We learned many valuable lessons during the sessions. We have learnt to keep our relationship fresh like a flower. I am grateful to her as well as Manochikitsa.

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