Rumjhum Bhattacharya

Rumjhum Bhattacharya

Rumjhum Bhattacharya

Position: Clinical Psychologist

Categories: Clinical Psychologist

Language: English, Hindi, Bengali

Location: Maharashtra

Phone: +91-8076299405

Rumjhum Bhattacharya Profile

I am a Clinical Psychologist, and have been associated with the field of psychology for more than 25 yrs with hands-on experience of dealing with numerous cases of depression, anxiety, stress related issues, trauma, break up blues, OCD, relationship and marriage. I have worked with children, adolescents and adults throughout my work experience. I strives to create a safe space for my clients to explore and connect with them by building a therapeutic relationship that is based on trust, and authentic, evidence-driven and ethical practices. I authored a book on mental health issues and writes regularly on emerging mental health issues.

Rumjhum Bhattacharya Skills

  • Child Counseling
  • Emotional healing
  • Trauma & grieve
  • Anxiety, Stress & Depression
  • Relationship, Family & Marriage Issues
  • OCD and Panic Attack
  • Training + Education

  • M. Phil (Applied Psychology) From Woman’s Christian College, Chennai University of Madras
  • M.A (Abnormal Psychology) From University of Calcutta in 1994
  • B.A (Psychology Honours) From University of Calcutta in 1992
  • Experience

  • Worked as a consultant psychologist in the domain of COMMUNITY HEALTH
  • Worked as a student counsellor in an ICSE board school.
  • Worked in SRL diagnostic Pvt Limited as a consultant psychologist
  • Content writer for a health magazine
  • Skills

  • Anxiety, Stress & Depression
  • Child Counseling
  • Relationship, Family &
  • Marriage Issues
  • Emotional healing
  • Trauma & grieve
  • OCD and Panic Attack
  • Language

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
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    Manochikitsa Online Counseling & Therapy
    Average rating:  
     22 reviews
     by mohini sharma

    Married couples often choose the way of separation or divorce for ending their damaged relationship but I don’t know why they don’t choose marriage counselling which is way better than anything else.
    I tried online counselling that I found beneficial. My husband and I took sessions together and made the journey successful together. The conductor of this journey was Mrs. Rumjhum Bhattacharya, an efficient professional, who did her job perfectly and saved my marriage.
    I thank her and recommend her for online marriage counselling as well.
    Thank you
    Best wishes to all the couples

     by siddharth sahni

    Reaching out to Manochikitsa for online counselling and having scheduled sessions with Rumjhum mam will change my life, I have never thought. With her help, I have learnt to manage my anxiety issues very well. I thank her a lot.

     by heena khan

    Relationship counselling works but a couple has to be patient enough to go through a systematic procedure and wait for the results. Counselling doesn’t mean your counsellor has taken the responsibility to mend your broken relationship but this process does include you too so that you can fix things under the guidance of your counsellor and see what a good relationship requires. My boyfriend and I learnt our lesson via online counselling by our counsellor, Rumjhum mam.
    I suggest you the best relationship counsellor and she is Mrs. Rumjhum. She comes highly recommended.

     by aditya bhosle

    I thank Mrs. Rumjhum Bhattacharya for showering blessings on me for beginning a new life. She assisted me to overcome my anxiety issues and provided me tools to deal with it when I wasn’t in online meetings with her. She is the best psychologist I’d like to recommend to everyone who is experiencing anxiety.
    Be careful and take care

     by aditi kothari

    It's a very important topic which is less discussed and often ignored by saying depression is nothing. You all need to know that depression is something that has the ability to end your everything. Don’t take it lightly and seek help in time.
    I first ignored it and one year later, I found my depression had grown up and it was hurting me including my physical health. Online counselling from Rumjhum Mam saved me from that hell for which I can never forget her.
    I lost hope and never thought of becoming fine again but now I think differently and have hope to go ahead in my life. I wholeheartedly thank Rumjhum mam and highly recommend her, a guiding angel.
    Best of luck

     by priya seth

    Online counseling is such a great thing that has ever happened and I support this innovative idea that has brought happiness to many faces. My 14 years old daughter wasn’t ready to go anywhere but I needed to arrange counselling sessions for her at any cost. I was recommended a name for online child counselling and I connected with Rumjhum mam for my daughter’s counselling because she was acting as if she didn’t care about anything and anyone and her behavior made everyone upset and disappointed at home. She lacked concentration on her studies and she was rude all the time.
    I simply handed over the case to Rumjhum mam and after a few sessions I witnessed significant changes in my daughter’s behavior. It was a tough job to make her ready for sessions but I had to do that. It’s worth it and I am happy with the counselling service she has given. I highly recommend her.

     by bharti mishra

    OCD term scared the hell out of me when I heard it for the first time after I was diagnosed with it. Rumjhum mam never let me feel disappointed with my mental illness and carried the treatment carefully. She has been my hope all the time and never made me feel negative about myself.
    I feel so grateful to the psychologist, Rumjhum Bhattacharya, who helped me understand and made the treatment of my OCD condition successful.

     by kajal parekh

    I wasn’t sure online counselling would work but I had to take a step for the sake of my mental health so I joined online counselling over the video call, a very convenient process. My scheduled sessions with Rumjhum mam taught me a lot and I felt myself able to fight my depression bravely. I am doing great in my life because of her. I can’t thank her enough.
    Having any issue related to depression, connect with her, Rumjhum mam is a great psychologist that can shoot your trouble effectively.
    Warm regards

     by Isha shah

    First of all, thanks to Rumjhum mam who didn’t just clear the dark and dense clouds from my life but also showed me the path to walk on. I was in deep depression right after I broke up all the ties with my fiancé. I gave up and had no hope left but my psychologist, Rumjhum mam lighted my darkest life. I thank her from the deep and highly recommend her for online counselling. She is the best psychologist you will ever find.
    Best regards

     by Rashmi Das

    We can see that in this hustle-bustle kind of life, we don’t give time and value to our relationships, especially couples. I have personally felt this, my husband and I had always been busy in our working life and we met at the dining table. After that we preferred sleeping over talking to each other and spending time together. It turned our marriage life into a boring one as if we were just like machines, earning for the future that we didn’t know about and getting stressed out in the present moment. It’s not the correct way to lead a happy married life.
    At a certain moment, you feel your married life boring, meaningless or in trouble then seek professional help first. I highly recommend Mrs. Rumjhum Bhattacharya for online marriage counselling. She has helped me and my husband too so I know it will be the perfect match for you.
    Best regards

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